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How LuckyVitamin Reduced Cart Abandonment with Vizury

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Reduce Cart Abandonment and User Drop-Offs

LuckyVitamin is an eCommerce company for vitamins and nutritional supplements in the United States. LuckyVitramin’s goal is to provide high-quality dietary products to everyone at affordable prices. Lucky Vitamin has served over 100,000 customers and has been around since 2004.

Reducing Cart Abandonment and User Drop Offs

LuckyVitamin analyzed that they were losing sales due to cart abandonment and user drop-offs. Although LuckyVitamin saw a healthy influx of monthly traffic, extremely competitive space and lack of coordinated marketing efforts led to an average conversion rate.

Especially cart abandonment and user drop-offs became a persistent issue. And in the eCommerce industry, these two metrics are vital for measuring success.

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LuckyVitamin and Vizury

To combat these challenges, LuckyVitamin partnered with Vizury. LuckyVitamin’s team used a host of Vizury capabilities to understand user behavior on their website. Using the data LuckyVitamin was able to identify critical areas that required improvement :

Using Dynamic notifications to send 1:1 personalized push notifications based on user’s browsing behavior

Trigger cart recovery and drop-offs based on user activity

Share promos and alerts for price drops and back-in-stock for any customer’s in-cart, wishlisted, and viewed products.

7X Improvement in Conversions and 2X ROI with Vizury’s Engage360 platform

With the partnership, LuckVitamin was able to revamp their push messaging strategy entirely and leverage intelligent segments and dynamic push notifications to send 1:1 personalized messaging to their users and customers, which resulted in :

3X Increase in user engagement due to dynamic push notifications compared to traditional push notifications.

4X Improvement in CTR with rich media push notifications.

21X Improvement in ROI with Vizury’s push messaging platform.

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