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How Zivame Improved their Mobile App Conversions with Vizury

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Fashion Retail
Improve Conversions (Mobile App)

Zivame was founded in 2011 with the vision of helping women shop for intimate lingerie wear from the comfort of their homes across India and other Asian countries. Zivame is known to revolutionize the lingerie industry in India by providing the convenience of online shopping to its customers.

All the products at Zivame stem from the desire to design something that is a blend of quality, innovation, and comfort. Zivame offers trendy lingerie, activewear, sleepwear, and shapewear in over 3000 + exclusive designs and 100 + sizes catering to women across all body types.

Reduce Customer Drop Offs and Maximize ROI

For fashion retail, user drop-off is a major red flag. As with other eCommerce trends, cart abandonment and user drop-off lead to lower than expected revenue. At Zivame, the focus has been providing a stellar customer experience while looking for their favorite products. The team understands that an excellent online shopping experience is the key to reducing cart abandonment and drop-offs.

Zivame tapped into retargeted advertising on Facebook to improve their ROI and retarget customers who abandoned their cart or dropped off from their website.

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Zivame and Vizury

Zivame partnered with Vizury to run a retargeted campaign using Vizury’s in-house retargeting algorithms on Facebook. Vizury’s algorithm identified top converting users based on each user score predicted from variables like time spent on the app, conversion rate, volume of conversions, average order value, etc. The users were mapped to different ad sets based on their scores. The ad creative used in each of these ad sets was customized, i.e., each user saw different images/products on the ads based on their products.

This allowed Zivame to bid intelligently on customers that showcased a higher propensity to purchase and reduce spend on customers who seem less likely to convert.

183% Improvement in MoM Revenue and 6.5% Improvement in Conversions

With Vizury’s implementation, Zivame improved their conversions by 6.5% and reduced their cost per transaction by 3x. Overall the new campaign with Vizury helped Zalora see a 183% increase in revenue every month.

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