Bewakoof drove down CAC by 3X with Vizury’s conversion focused solution


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Industry: eCommerce

About The Brand

Bewakoof is a lifestyle fashion brand that makes creative, distinctive fashion for the trendy, contemporary Indian.


While the Bewakoof app had more than 5 million monthly active users, the primary objective of the retargeting campaign was to bring back drop-o users to the app, drive higher engagement and conversions by reducing Cost per Acquisition to maximize marketing ROI.


Engage360’s proprietary Intellibid algorithm used 40+ consumer attributes such as time spent on the app, conversion rate, volume of conversions, average order value, to identify top converting users and launching dynamic campaigns on WhatsApp.

Contextual journeys on WhatsApp

Leveraging consumer insights captured, Vizury’s team collaborated with Bewakoof’s marketing team to run hyper-personalized campaigns that are based on user's interest, intent and behavior, nudging users to take an action and bringing them back to the app right where they dropped off from.

  • Users were re-targeted depending on where they dropped off from across different stages of the funnel based on their intent such as - from Category, PDP and Cart/Checkout
  • Category drop-offs were nudged with personalized recommendations or bestselling products from the category
    Cart drop-offs were retargeted with specific products that they had left in cart.
They were further nudged with cross-sell options, improving conversions and higher CLTV

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