Carousel Notification For Apps & Web To Boost Engagement & Sales

Carousel notification is an upgraded version of standard push notification for android. Learn how you can leverage them to boost your eCommerce business.

Carousel Notification For Apps & Web To Boost Engagement & Sales

Access to smartphones and mobile internet has been a boon to marketers. Marketers can now expect to expand their reach as mobile internet penetration has welcomed more users on to the digital world.

The buying behavior of users has evolved into a multi-device interaction where, today, both purchasing and browsing could happen across mobile, tablet or desktop. Further, people don’t depend only on desktops to browse the internet and purchase products now. They are using mobile devices more prevalently to the browser and make purchases in recent times.

Have a look at the following data on Mobile Contribution to E-commerce across the globe.

carousal notification

Easy access to mobile internet and an increase in the time a user spends on mobile makes this rather a very interesting opportunity to understand, engage, and interact with the users.

As new changes bring new opportunities, there is an expansion in the scope of digital marketing as well. With new channels like Android Push Notification and In-app Notification, marketers can reach and engage with users better. As the engagement ramps up with the right kind of notifications, they can use push notifications in android to boost CVR too.

As you might be aware by now, app Push notifications in android has become one of the mainstays of customer relationship management of mobile users. Marketers are using it extensively to engage with existing users and drive various marketing goals.

Hence, it becomes imperative for you to understand the challenges and constraints of using app Push notification. It will help you to identify methods and strategies to ensure that you use this channel most efficiently to attain your marketing goals and be engaging to your users at the same time.

Challenges & Constraints of App Push Notifications in Android

Before we get to the answer, let us take a step back and try to understand as a user why we would engage or disengage with notifications we receive.

We all have several apps installed on our phones. Data suggests an average of each user accesses 40 apps/month. app Push Notifications being the mainstay of user engagement, each of these apps might be sending at least one or two push notifications to us every day.

Therefore, together they add up to 80 notifications a day that we might be receiving daily!

product review information
Source: Statistica

Factors that increase interaction or engagement of notifications​

Now and then we must have experienced too many marketing notifications from an app. There are also instances where we end up uninstalling or simply ignore notifications from the same app.

Now, the marketing communication, instead of engaging and nurturing users, has ended up achieving the opposite by losing the user or set in fatigue with the reach out.

In some instances, there could be genuine reasons to send multiple notifications. For instance, an eCommerce app sending a notification for each of the categories available. However, It can result in losing the user rather than gaining them if there are too many notifications.

personalised notification

So, even though android notification are effective, there is a constraint with the frequency of reaching out to the users.

Below are some key constraints and challenges that marketers face while strategizing campaigns and achieving the marketing objectives.

a.) Gaining attention span of users from a lot of other competing notifications

b.) Deliver engaging notifications to users

c.) Brand fatigue setting into our users

d.) Losing users by too many reach-outs

Now since you have an understanding of the challenges in your way, let’s delve into the strategies to overcome these challenges and become a Marketing Ninja!

How can you make notifications more engaging to users and win them from competing for notifications?

One of the key ways to achieve both is by understanding the users’ behavior, and interest in your app. Knowing your users will allow you to send relevant communication and fulfill their objectives on your app.

Let’s take an example. Consider an eCommerce app in which a user browsed through a few products. Now, let us compare sending a notification to the user a promo in a category he/she has no interest in against sending the promo to him/her interested in a certain category.

Moreover, it is nearly impossible to be relevant to millions of users on your platform with the same notification. Hence, the solution should be scalable in such a way, that it understands the user behavior and appropriately sends relevant content to them.


As you can see, the notification on the right-hand side has more reasons for a user to engage compared to the static promo notification on the left.

So, can you do something similar, which is better than static push notifications? Or can you automate the method of sending products to users associating it with their interests?

For example, let’s say that a user was checking out multiple Products in Jeans? Can you send products from associated categories such as T-shirts and Shoes to check if the user has an interest in these products as well?

In this case, the notification will definitely be relevant to the users. However, considering challenges such as brand fatigue and excessive reach-outs, there is a constraint with the frequency of sending notifications to users.

You must now be wondering, how can we generate recommended products for each user and deliver them in a notification?

Let’s say there is a way that you can send notifications, which:

a.)  Understands Users’ Interests

b.) Send relevant notifications according to the user interest

c.) Along with their interests’ recommends products to them

d.) Scalable to millions of users

e.) Deliver multiple products with the least number of notifications

f.)  Is easy to set up and manage

Will you be interested in exploring such a solution to your personalised push notification campaigns? The answer is a big YES!

You can achieve all of these using Carousel App Notifications. Carousel Push notifications are something that enables you to show multiple products bundled in a single notification where the users can scroll through to see if they are interested in any of the recommended products.

In other words, you can send a single push notification to do the job of multiple notifications. It will have all the relevant products you are looking to cross-sell or upsell along with the product in which your user could be interested.

According to each user’s search preferences, purchase history, and buying patterns on an app, the Vizury Engage360 algorithm generates a bunch of products that should be sent to the User.

push notifications for android-featured image

As you can see, within a single notification you can show multiple products with images and prices. The products in the notification are based on the User’s history, behavior and app purchase patterns.

Further, each of the products is deep-linked. Therefore, once the users click on a particular product, they can land on the respective product pages.

Vizury’s Engage360 provides you with the most comprehensive solution to create relevant, engaging notifications to Users at Scale! Let me walk you through Engage360 Carousel Notifications, which should clearly illustrate the methods to overcome the challenges of push notifications and fulfill the above objectives.

Based on Vizury’s Engage360 proprietary Recommendation algorithm, Intellirec (iRec) weaves its magic to deliver push notifications according to the features mentioned above!

Check out the following features of Vizury’s Engage360 carousel push notification to know how to make the most of them.

a.) Content personalization for maximum impact

b.) Can include multiple products in the same notification

c.) Slide notification engages Users to view multiple options

d.) Intelligent, Automated product selection based on the user search result and purchase history

e.) Easy customization and campaign optimization to maximize your ROI

As you can see, there is a stark contrast between a static push notification and a carousel push notifications in android. The static notification is just a message, informing about the offer. However, the carousel notification is a personalized and more attractive due to relevant and multiple product details.

Therefore, anyone gets a carousel notification would be more interested in interacting with the message. More so, they can check out the visuals of the products too.

All features of Vizury Engage360 intend to help you to increase your revenue from your marketing campaigns. Moreover, they help you to keep the user attrition rate lower, as you can send preferred product notifications.


Digital marketing, high-speed mobile internet, and smartphones are keeping most of your users stay online. Thus, you can send emails, use social media ads, search engine ads, and so on to send marketing.

Yet, the users can turn a blind eye towards your marketing communication. However, a personalized push notification can help you to send customized messages to them.

Even so, too many push notification are disturbing for the users. A carousel push notification generates more interaction than simple push notification. Besides, a carousel notification allows you to create campaigns with nine products, thus allowing you to get more interactions.

Along with personalized messages and customized CTAs, Vizury Enagge360 allows you to time your push notification to generate maximum engagement.

Subsequently, you can also expect a rise in your revenue to generate maximum impact on your ROI.

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