Chrome Push Notifications: Everything You Need to Know

This blog helps you understand chrome push notifications better. Know their benefits and features, along with best practices. Read this blog to know more

Chrome Push Notifications: Everything You Need to Know

Digital marketers are on a constant lookout for ways to increase user engagement with their marketing communications. One of the most popular methods in the current time for this has been the Web Push Notification. Among the popular web push notification channels, marketers usually leverage browsers like Firefox, Safari, or use Chrome Push notifications.

Now, we all know that web push notification is a push message that users receive on their desktop or mobile browser. These notifications have only one primary agenda – to engage with your users even if they are not present on your website. A web push notification with a clear, time-bound and rich-media message can be a powerful motivator for converting your users.

As mentioned earlier, the web push notifications can be sent on Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome browser. However, since Chrome is the most popular browser  with almost 81% of people using it, this blog will speak about Chrome Push Notifications.

Reading this blog will help you understand what Push notifications in Chrome are, and what are the benefits of using it. Additionally, it will also tell you the components and features of the service. Lastly, you will find the best practices that you should follow to make the most of your Push notifications on Chrome.

What are Chrome Push Notifications?

As you must already have deduced, Chrome Push Notifications are the push notification service using Google Chrome. The objective of the Chrome Push Notifications are:

i.) To provide urgent and timely updates of your business

ii.) To engage the users when they are not on your website with relevant content

Since Google Chrome are used on both mobile as well as desktops, it is advisable to use it to maximize the reach of your push notifications. Moreover, Google updates the Chrome browser constantly, therefore, improving the efficiency of the push notification APIs.

Although you can configure your push notifications to work on other browsers, Chrome provides you the maximum eyeballs. Hence, it’s prudent to send push notifications through it as it allows you to expand your reach quite comprehensively.

However, if you are still not convinced of using Push Notifications on Chrome, knowing the following benefits might help you to make a judgment call.

Benefits of Chrome Push Notifications

Push notifications on Chrome can be quite effective in improving click through and conversion rates. The reasons for such high engagement are due to the following facts:

a.) Users don’t need a mobile app to receive notification

Unlike App Push Notifications, Chrome push notifications don’t need any external application or software to display the push messages. Hence, you can reach out to your users on the Google Chrome browser, even when the users are not on your website.

b.) Opt-in is easier for the users leading to higher opt-ins

The user opt-in through other marketing channels usually requires sharing personal data. Moreover, the filling up of the user details using opt-in forms can be a discouraging factor for many users. Push notifications in Chrome help the users to avoid these issues as users don’t need to provide any data and they can subscribe to push notifications with a single click.

c.) Faster delivery of the push notifications

Push notifications are messages delivered from servers to users over the Chrome browser. Therefore, the delivery of messages is on a real-time basis, resulting in instantaneous delivery of your communication.

d.) Improve user engagement

Instant delivery and ability to reach the users even if the website is not open are the prime factors that improve the engagement of the users. Moreover, these push notifications are highly-targeted with relevant messages. Additionally, the push messages are usually time-bound, you can expect a higher engagement than any other marketing channels.

Features of Chrome Push Notification

a.) Notification scheduling

The use of automation is a must in any marketing communication channel, and push notifications are no different. Push notifications in Chrome help you to schedule your push campaigns to send timely updates to your users. Additionally, you can send messages according to the user behavior or the user segment using the insights gathered from the push notification service provider.

b.) Segmentation and customizations

Chrome push notifications help you collect user data and target them better by sending relevant messages. Moreover, chrome notifications also let you understand the user behavior and purchase history to help you to segment your users accordingly. You can customize your push messages according to the user engagement data, and provide them with compelling CTAs to convert them faster.

chrome push notification features

c.) Time-bound notification with trigger alerts

Since Chrome web push notification can display your push messages even if your website is not open, you can send time-bound and urgent alerts to your users on the Chrome browser. Further, you can use trigger push notifications to make your message urgent by providing time-sensitive discounts, price-drop alerts, restock alert, and much more.

Components of the Chrome Notifications and Best Practices

1.) Title or headline of the Chrome push notifications

Like any other marketing communication, you should have a clear headline of your Chrome push notification. Additionally, you should look to design your headline in such a way that it catches the user attention right away.

2.) Messages and use of rich media

The Chrome push notification you design must be crisp and direct to convey the intention of the message immediately. Moreover, you can use high-quality images, or leverage features like product labels in push notification to hook your users’ attention.

3.) Personalizing the push notification

Personalizing your push notification is another way to improve the performance of your push notification campaign. Personalization helps you to attract your users by understanding their needs. You can then leverage the user behavior to provide them with push messages that are appealing to them.

4.) Compelling CTAs in push notifications

Your Chrome browser push notification must contain at least one targeted CTA, deep-linked to the page you want your users to land in. Moreover, your CTA should also stand out in the background as well as curated with a clear actionable message. Using a less-appealing CTA might backfire your Chrome push notification campaign, and affect your revenue.

5.) Timing and frequency of the push notification

Sending too many or too less push notifications on the Chrome browser can affect your performance too. Moreover, you must schedule your push notifications to leverage the urgency of the message for maximum engagement.


So, that’s it. You now know everything about the Chrome push notifications. Thus, it’s time that you start using Chrome push notifications for engaging your users if you haven’t started it yet.

In addition, do share your experience and thoughts on Chrome push notifications service. In case you need any help starting with your campaign on the Chrome browser, you can get in touch with us. Write to us at [email protected] or leave a comment in the section below.

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