WhatsApp to Switch to Conversation-Based Pricing Model this February 2022

Businesses will now be charged per conversation which includes all messages delivered in a 24-hour session. This opens up a world of opportunities for brands across the globe.

WhatsApp to Switch to Conversation-Based Pricing Model this February 2022

Ecommerce brands have been trying tirelessly to grow their conversion rates beyond the 2%.

And WhatsApp has significantly proven itself to be the master of creating unique experiences and helping brands achieve double-digit conversion rates.

At Vizury, we’ve seen brands generating a sizeable revenue by powering WhatsApp commerce as a part of their revenue generation strategy.

WhatsApp to Switch to a Conversation-Based Pricing Model

A recent notice rolled by Facebook dictates that WhatsApp is switching to a  conversational-based pricing model as on Feb 1, 2022.

Businesses will now be charged per conversation which includes all messages delivered in a 24-hour session. This opens up a world of opportunities for brands across the globe.

What is a WhatsApp Conversation?

In order to understand how this latest update affects businesses across the globe, it is essential to understand what “WhatsApp Conversation” means?

WhatsApp conversation can be defined as the messages exchanged between a consumer and a brand and is usually categorized into two segments. They are:

All conversations between a brand and a consumer are measured based on 24-hour sessions. A WhatsApp conversation session begins from the delivery of the message initiated by the user or business until 24 hours. Brands and consumers can exchange any number of messages within a 24-hour session at no additional cost.

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What is the conversation-based pricing model?

WhatsApp understands the power of conversation and is constantly making it easier to drive business outcomes by launching several product features such as interactive reply buttons, transactional notifications, list messages, and more.

Hence it’s only logical for WhatsApp to switch from a message-based pricing model to a conversation-based pricing model.

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The Cost of Conversations in USD

Here’s a detailed list of the cost of conversations based on the location of the business:

Check in other currencies here

When will a business not be charged?

Here’s when a business will not be charged:

❌The first 1k conversation per month is free so your brand can get started with building amazing experiences via chat. These conversations can either be user or business-initiated.

❌When users message businesses using the call to action buttons on ads that click-to-WhatsApp or Facebook Page CTA.

❌The conversation from the CTA is free of charge. However, the subsequent conversations with the user will be chargeable as per the new policy.

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Conversational Flows and Relative Charges

Scenario A

User-initiated conversations: General inquiry in a single 24-hour session

✅Dylan messages Bootch to enquire about an upcoming appointment. When Bootch replies with relevant information, it starts a 24-hour conversation session

✅In this case, all messages within 24 hours will be free. Bootch can follow up with relative queries promptly and it gives Dylan the ability to exchange messages to resolve concerns within the session. If Bootch continues to converse after the 24-hour user-initiated session, they will incur additional charges to start a new conversation.

Scenario B

User-Initiated conversation: Enquiries that require multiple 24-hour sessions

✅Dylan enquires about the delivery status of his recent purchase from Bootch. Bootch responds to Dylan and begins a user-initiated conversation.

✅In the initial 24-hour session, Dylan’s query is still in progress. After the session expires, Bootch can continue the conversation with a  message template and initiate a second conversation with Dylan at a user-initiated rate as long as it’s not been 24 hours since his last text.

✅If Bootch sends a message after 24 hours since Dylan’s last message, it will be charged for business initiated conversation

Scenario C

Business Initated conversation: General update

✅Bootch wants to update Dylan that his appointment was rescheduled. Bootch can send alerts since Dylan has opted in to receive messages from this brand on WhatsApp. This begins a business-initiated conversation.

✅ Bootch can send any number of messages in this 24-hour session with one business-initiated conversation charge. They can send additional product recommendation messages, a discount coupon as a token of good faith for delayed delivery, or more.

✅ After the 24 hour expires, Bootch will incur another business-initiated conversation charge in case they want to send a message to Dylan again.

WhatsApp Commerce: The New Way of Boosting Revenue

WhatsApp as a channel has truly shown how conversations are key to excellent customer experiences. With this new pricing policy, WhatsApp is all set to equip businesses with meaningful conversations that convert.

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