How to Transform Customer Experience with WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp can transform your commerce and customer experience - think of it beyond customer service. Read on to learn how you can use WhatsApp to transform customer experience

How to Transform Customer Experience with WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp can transform your commerce and customer experience - think of it beyond customer service.

The world is transitioning towards a customer-centric business ecosystem. Companies today understand that delivering excellent customer experience is pivotal to growth in sales. On the same note, newer avenues of creating interaction touchpoints with consumers have emerged over the years. Innovation has led to the development of “Conversational Commerce” – a chat-based (instant-messaging based) channel to engage customers – to cater to the ever-expanding user base.

Many instant messaging applications exist today, out of which WhatsApp leads the bandwagon with over 2 billion monthly active users, commanding about 31% of the global market share. Hence, deploying conversational commerce tools for customer experience transformation on WhatsApp makes sense. Let’s look at a few ways you can achieve that.

1. Updates

Letting your customer know about the status of their orders actually helps drive sales. These updates could be sent as notifications and can include anything like:

✅An item that the consumer has put on their wishlist that has now become eligible for a discount or has run out of stock

✅A new event or preview that your eCommerce store is going live soon

✅Notifications to remind the consumer that their cart has items in it

✅Payment / refund / credit details

✅Urgent messages or invoices, purchase confirmations, and tracking details

✅Details of delivery partners or sellers

IndiGo Airlines make the best use of WhatsApp by sending customers notifications about bookings, flight status, and boarding passes through the channel.

Order alerts on WhatsApp

Much more information can be easily delivered to the customer where they can access them in fewer clicks/taps instead of navigating through the entire app. Keeping your customers updated with the latest news is a great way to keep them coming back to you.

In fact, according to WhatsApp's own study, 175 million consumers send a message to a WhatsApp Business account every day. Leveraging this channel for commerce, thus, makes total sense.

2. Payments Integration

The latest version of WhatsApp allows businesses to receive payments over the instant messaging channel. This is a functionality with extremely high utility, especially for the companies running eCommerce on a small to medium scale. Integrating a payments gateway with WhatsApp has immense benefits for your business:

✅A simple payment link can be shared with the consumers over the messaging app, letting you receive payments instantly and securely.

✅Since many consumers are highly active on WhatsApp, providing them with a way to pay from the chat window would potentially help you increase your conversion rates.

transactions on WhatsApp

Enabling payments directly through the chat window enhances customer experience, especially since they don’t prefer navigating different channels for shopping and paying. This creates a seamless shopping experience that the consumers of today love.

3. Personalization

It is widely known today that consumers wish to be served relevant, personalized content. This fact is evidenced by Accenture in its study. It reveals that 91% of the consumers prefer shopping with brands that offer customized content. WhatsApp, as a tool that encourages private messaging between two parties, has the potential to enable brands to achieve hyper-personalized sales.

Personalization on WhatsApp

Brands that increasingly engage their customers on WhatsApp generate an individualized chat history with each consumer. This history can then be accessed to create personalized messages, displaying relevant ads or promos that would genuinely be meaningful for the consumer. Doing this helps increase conversion rates as well; a study by Epsilon highlights that 80% of the customers are likely to complete a purchase with brands that deliver personalized experiences.

Leverage AI-based chatbots for WhatsApp to design personalized chat experiences for your consumers.

4. Advertisements

Serving advertisements to your consumers is about reaching them where they are and at the right time. WhatsApp is a platform that always remains busy with a high influx of users every minute. According to Statista, in 2021, an average user spent 18.6 hours each month on WhatsApp.

The writing is on the wall: your consumers spend time on WhatsApp; if you plan an ad campaign for WhatsApp, you could redirect meaningful traffic to your eCommerce website. For example, your business can leverage WhatsApp messages to broadcast landing page links to your customers (personalized, of course) to get more traffic to your destination.

Chances are that users will flock to your landing pages. You must also work on delivering the right call to action on WhatsApp and the landing page for this campaign to be good.

5. Feedback

WhatsApp is the ideal platform to garner customer feedback effectively. A well-programmed WhatsApp chatbot can be deployed to send feedback messages to consumers over chat after a fixed time elapses from their last purchase. For example, a week after purchasing a beauty product, WhatsApp messaging can be leveraged to ask your consumers whether or not they liked your product or how much they liked it.

feedback on WhatsApp

You can even embed a URL in the message that takes your customers straight to the reviews page on your app to make their work easier.

Feedback is important, as PwC puts it; 65% of the consumers find positive feedback more influential than a well-created advertisement.

6. Customer Support

Customer support is often a matter of great conundrum for businesses. It is a dynamic department that requires a high level of improvisation and as little turnaround time as possible. Keeping that in mind, WhatsApp is the ideal channel to address customer queries because:

WhatsApp chatbots reduce response times by replying to incoming queries instantly

✅They free up call agents from low-priority queries

✅WhatsApp offers prompt and personalized assistance

✅The conversations are secure

Customer support on WhatsApp

Letting your customers reach you through their channel of preference can do wonders for your sales and customer loyalty. Improving customer experience  and customer satisfaction involves timing, and WhatsApp chatbots deliver brilliantly on that front.

Wrapping up

Personalization, quick response, consumer engagement— all the industry buzzwords going around today in the eCommerce ecosystem can be managed and improved easily by using WhatsApp chatbots.

This platform is where digital shoppers gather today, and by augmenting your business channels with chatbots for WhatsApp, you are opening up a new source of audience for your business. Are you ready to scale your business with WhatsApp? Book your demo with Vizury today

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