Engage360’s In-Store: Orders, Collections, and Bookings Made Easier

In-Store by Engage360 is a blend of online and at-store retail made possible with an intuitive and truly customizable approach. In-Store is built for brands

Engage360’s In-Store: Orders, Collections, and Bookings Made Easier

One of the key challenges faced by brick-and-mortar stores is re-engaging with their prospects and customers. Due to the current pandemic and its impact on the social climate across the globe, physical retailers are facing an unprecedented crisis. It has led to a drastic drop in-store footfalls, in-store customer engagement, and also forced quite a lot of brands to rethink their business.

To start with, retailers have to adapt their brick-and-mortar operations to comply with health-and-safety regulations and meet customer expectations. The process involves a myriad of changes to the core of offline retail experience such as mask-wearing, ensuring proper distancing, and controlling the influx of customers in-store, instituting contactless payment, and introduce more alternative path-to-purchases.

As per the Harvard Business Review , consumer comfort and experience is still paramount. Even when the pandemic begets a big change in the usual offline shopping experience. The article states that —

Customers will no longer tolerate sub-par digital shopping experiences as they may have before the crisis.  Retailers have to make sure their sites are mobile-responsive, offer integrated services such as “buy online pick up in-store” (BOPIS), and deliver a consistent, reliable digital experience across devices and channels.

As customers expect a safer and healthier approach to retail shopping, all is not lost. A lot of brands still understand the aspect of the look-and-feel mentality a customer possesses. Various products, from industries such as fashion retail, sportswear, jewelry, and more, still demand in-person feel and trials before a purchase decision.

And this is where leading brands have to innovate and reevaluate by blending online and at-store retail together. At Vizury, we are making it possible with our newest addition to Engage360 — In-Store.

Introduction to In-Store by Engage360

In-Store by Engage360 is a blend of online and at-store retail made possible with an intuitive and truly customizable approach. In-Store is built for brands that aren’t afraid of rethinking and redefining how brick and mortar stores function in this new era. s. To kickstart In-Store, a brand can quickly integrate their online channels without any technical know-how with their:

  • Online Stores and Websites,
  • Mobile Apps,
  • Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp business accounts.

Here’s a detailed look into the various capabilities that In-Store brings with it.

In-Store Dynamic Scheduling

In-Store allows stores to integrate their business calendar with the platform so that customers can select convenient locations and slots for a store visit. With dynamic scheduling baked right into In-Store, any store manager can select the number of visitors per slot, therefore ensuring efficient and safer store visits.

In-Store On WhatsApp

Dynamic scheduling allows stores to control the influx of customers and also re-affirms social distancing norms that are required for a safe and cozy shopping experience.

Here’s a leading brand that used In-store’s dynamic scheduler to allocate visiting slots to their customers, as well as other online activities.

In-Store Reservations

In-Store also provides retailers a way to share their entire catalog online, and also allows online shoppers to reserve various products for an at-store purchase. This is primarily a trend in the luxury goods market as well as with the fashion industry.

At the same time, it also enables stores to effectively sell their existing inventory and optimizing logistical costs that would otherwise be higher than usual.

Any retailer can elect to provide this option to their customers with simple integration. Like, one of our leading partner brands leveraged In-Store’s reservation capabilities to offer jewelry shoppers to reserve their selected pieces at the store.

Reserve At Store by Engage360

The brand listed it’s catalog online, and all customers had to do was reserve their selections via a “Reserve at Store” button.

Various Virtual Activities

That’s not all. With the current social climate, various stores can’t take their customer’s safety lightly. There is a demand in the market for a virtual experience, and when we developed In-Store, we didn’t realize the potential it had for virtual tours and consultations with store managers.

InStore Virtual Shopping

Working with our partners, we were able to integrate various virtual bits into In-Store like a virtual tour of products at the store via FB Messenger, and WhatsApp, virtual consultation with product experts, 1:1 session by a personal in-store concierge, and more.

Get Started Today

These are just a few ways through which Engage360’s In-Store can be useful to businesses across the globe. In-Store’s primary goal has been to bolster customer experience and provide customers to shop at their favorite stores from a digital window. At the same time, In-store also encourages your customers to visit stores due to high engagement right from the start.

We hope, that during these tough times, our small new addition could help you engage with your customer more often without comprising any operational and safety efforts.

You can sign-up today, or check with your account manager to learn more about Engage360’s In-Store.

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