How Vizury’s WhatsApp Commerce Can Empower DTC and Omnichannel Retail

WhatsApp Commerce is a sub-platform of Conversational Commerce that enables brands-at-scale to leverage WhatsApp Chat app to engage with their customers.

How Vizury’s WhatsApp Commerce Can Empower DTC and Omnichannel Retail

With every 1 in 7 people actively using WhatsApp, the messaging platform’s global reach is massive. To put it into perspective, that’s 2 billion users.

Furthermore, with WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp business API, brands can connect with their customers directly on the chat app.

The WhatsApp business arm is strictly a B2C messaging arm that enables delivering real-time, relevant, and high-value messages to your customers.

Today, WhatsApp Commerce is extremely potent for DTC and omnichannel retail brands looking to take their customer experience to the next level. Since it provides the ability to speak to your customers on an app they use daily, this opens up various use-cases where you can craft personalized experiences to improve your revenue and profits.

Today, we will take a look at Vizury’s WhatsApp Commerce —  a part of Vizury’s omnichannel marketing platform — and how DTC and omnichannel retailers can use it to maximize their revenue.

1. Start and Continue Conversations on WhatsApp

WhatsApp commerce

Vizury’s Conversational Commerce platform enables brands to take their stores to the most popular chat apps.

The platform enables brands to utilize chat apps such as WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, and others to provide a robust conversational commerce experience with end-to-end control on customer engagement flow.  For instance, customers can choose and have the ability to switch conversations from an onsite chat to their WhatsApp window without breaking the flow.

Here’s how marketers can utilize Vizury’s WhatsApp Commerce —

  • Interactive AI-assisted Chat flows – Vizury’s chat engine converses with customers in real-time and helps them find the ideal products they are searching for on your WhatsApp business account.
  • Connected Social Media Campaigns –  Tie your paid marketing campaigns with WhatsApp Conversational Commerce by creating dedicated CTAs that initiate WhatsApp conversations.
  • Promotional Messages – Send promotional messages based on customers’ onsite and offsite activity available on Vizury’s omnichannel platform.
  • Add WhatsApp to Vizury’s Journey Builder – Brands use various touchpoints to reach their customers. These include emails, text messages, onsite notifications, and push notifications. Vizury’s Journey builder is the perfect customer journey orchestration platform that enables marketers to engage with their customers systematically. Now, you can also add WhatsApp triggers to these journeys as a new communication channel.

2. Increase Conversions with Smart Flows on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business offers businesses to create pre-approved message templates for messages often used while communicating with your customers. These messages could range anywhere from order confirmations to back-in-stock alerts.

To enable marketers to take advantage of these pre-approved messages, Vizury’s WhatsApp Commerce platform provides a diverse range of smart flows to increase conversions.

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Cart Recovery for WhatsApp

Cart abandonment

As the name suggests, Cart Recovery for WhatsApp is a tool that enables businesses to send automated cart abandonment messages as a pre-approved messaging template with compliance with WhatsApp Business API guidelines.

How Cart Recovery for WhatsApp works

Let’s consider an example. One of your prospects selects a new gaming mouse in her cart and then abandons the cart. Vizury’s Cart Recovery sends her a message (using WhatsApp pre-approved message template triggered by cart abandonment smart flow):

“Hi Jennifer, can we have a minute of your day? After your last visit to today, do you think the mouse was fairly priced?”

The user gets Yes and No as an option, and the strategy here is to engage the user based on their reply. You can add appropriate win-back offers and promos based on their answers to recover the cart.

Suppose it’s a Yes, a gentle reminder that the product is still available and ready to be shipped if you check out today. If it’s a No, you can apologize for the inconvenience and offer a 10% discount to the prospect to win them back.

WhatsApp commerce

WhatsApp Commerce, along with Vizury’s omnichannel platform, is a great way for online and DTC retailers to help customers browse, shop, and even pay on a single window. Such continuity is critical for customers who have short attention spans and want flawless and flexibility in buying their favorite products.

Let’s take an example. Jamie has just selected 2 dresses from your WhatsApp-based product catalog. Instead of redirecting the customer to your mobile website or app to purchase the product, with Vizury’s WhatsApp platform, you can share personalized payment link on WhatsApp itself for added customer convenience.

The takeaway is the brand’s speed and agility to cater to their customers without breaking the flow. Jamie could browse, select and even pay for her order without requiring to jump from one app to another.

Restock and Back-in-Stock Notifications

Let your customers know when their favorite or wishlisted products are back in stock with back-in-stock WhatsApp flows. With Vizury’s Feedbus and WhatsApp in-house integration, you can create automated back-in-stock WhatsApp promotional triggers that inform the customers about restocks on their favorite chat app.

Book Store Appointments with WhatsApp

Book store appointments

Due to the pandemic, people are skeptical about stepping out and visiting their favorite stores. Today brands are looking for ways to provide customers with a safe passage back to their local retail outlets.

Keeping that in mind, Vizury has created smart Offline-to-Online WhatsApp conversational flows that help customers engage with their nearest retail stores to book store visits and appointments.

Apart from this, these unique chat flows can also help customers browse the catalog virtually and schedule at-store pickups and curbside pickups. Customers can also choose to speak to the store manager and agents if they wish to before making an appointment.

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3. Integrate Customer Loyalty Programs and Improve Retention

By leveraging the Vizury Omnichannel platform and Conversational Commerce platform, you can integrate your customer loyalty program or create one for WhatsApp for better customer retention.

Here’s how —

Integrate Digital Wallets and Membership Rewards

WhatsApp commerce

A lot of DTC and retail brands offer customer loyalty programs to maintain a high customer retention rate. The challenge here is to integrate the loyalty program in an omnichannel environment to maximize the benefits a customer gets from the loyalty program.

Vizury enables brands to bring their existing loyalty programs or create a brand loyalty program for WhatsApp and integrate it across all CRM channels (push, mobile, web, and email) to create a consistent experience.

For example, Pete can enter his membership details on a WhatsApp conversation and check for personalized offers and rewards balance directly on WhatsApp. In another instance, based on the membership level, brands can also serve personalized rewards as promotional messages to their customers directly on WhatsApp, creating a delightful experience.

NPS and Customer Feedback

Customer feedback

The best thing about WhatsApp is 1:1 conversations. WhatsApp enables you to speak to your customer directly by nature, engage them for feedback and surveys directly on a chat window.

You can create surveys and NPS templates on WhatsApp for quick feedback. Additionally, you can take over these surveys directly if you receive critical feedback. This portrays proactivity from your brand and reinforces that your brand takes customer feedback seriously.

Imagine a customer, Natasha; She rates you 2 out of 5 in a WhatsApp post-purchase feedback survey. You get an alert on your dashboard and use your WhatsApp account to get in touch with her right away on chat.

Now you can ask her more detailed questions on what went wrong and take proper action to ensure that the customer’s bad experience is mitigated.

4. Simplifying Customer Support

None of your customers like waiting for help. Be it a product set-up inquiry, feedback, request for return, or refunds, the smoother the process, the better the customer experience.

WhatsApp solves this problem by being inherently a 1:1 chat window, where customers can request assistance instantaneously. WhatsApp has the added benefit of always being connected, unlike phone calls where any accidental hang-ups can restart the conversation from the start.

Here’s how WhatsApp simplifies customer support —

Instant Customer Support

Customer support

As we discussed above, WhatsApp can be a great channel to answer customer queries and solve any product-related issues.

And with interactive AI-assisted conversations, if the customers ask one of the frequently asked questions, you can create message templates that automatically provide the solution. These messages can be a huge benefit for your support team as they can focus on larger customer issues while the frequent queries can be assisted with AI and rule-based triggers.

WhatsApp Commerce enables brands to create an effortless and urgent support experience for their customers to drive loyalty even when you solve customer problems.

Collect Feedback with Ease

Speed is the essence of the modern-day retail sector. Customers don’t want to spend mere minutes while ordering a new item or product, let alone they’d go out of their way to provide necessary feedback after a purchase has been received or even when you have just resolved their queries.

Therefore brands need to make feedback collection a swift and easy process for the customers that takes seconds instead of minutes. With WhatsApp, you can create feedback templates and NPS surveys in the form of chat.

For example,

While issuing a refund, you can let the customers know that the refund is processed, and it should reflect in their account now. In the end, you can say $10 has been credited to your account. Would you like to rate your experience with us? Please type your score from 1 to 5.

All the customer needs to do is reply with a score between 1 to 5, and you’ve got your feedback.

Share Critical Updates Directly

Use Vizury’s WhatsApp platform to share critical information with your customer directly on Whatsapp. Vizury offers a bunch of pre-templatized versions of popular use-cases like —

  1. Order Tracking
  2. Refund and Return Tracking
  3. Product Order Confirmation
  4. Refund Confirmation
  5. Wallet Status
  6. Balance Check

A New Channel For Accelerated Growth

Brands worldwide are investing countless resources into exploring new channels and new ways to engage with their customers, and conversational channels like WhatsApp are changing the way we interact with them in a revolutionary manner. For DTC and online retail brands, the choice is clear.

Building a robust conversational commerce engine on WhatsApp and other chat apps is imperative to continue on the roads of success and increased revenue. And with platforms like Vizury, it’s super easy to get started.

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