Instagram Chatbot: Use cases and examples

Conversational commerce on Instagram is the new way of transforming customer experience and driving sales.

Instagram Chatbot: Use cases 
and examples

The digital salesperson that’s always at your beck and call on your customer’s favorite social media platform. Welcome Instagram chatbots!

Conversational commerce on Instagram is the new way of transforming customer experience and driving sales.

With customers seeking an interactive shopping experience on platforms of their choosing, installing revenue and customer experience focused chatbots across their shopper’s journey has become essential for any ecommerce or retail brand.

Instagram is one of the most loved social media platforms by shoppers. Over the years, brands, both new and old, have been flocking to the platform in order to appeal to a younger audience.  

As a next step, every marketer is trying to optimize for customer experience and conversion on Instagram. And this is where a conversational AI, applied on the chat of your Instagram business account can be used to acquire customers, re-engage them, generate sales, offer real-time resolution and build a loyal customer base over time.

What is an Instagram Chatbot?

An Instagram chatbot is an automated conversational tool that can be applied on top of your Instagram messaging to converse with customers in real-time. It is almost like having a conversation with another human being, except it’s a bot. With the advancements in AI and Natural Language Processing, setting up chatbots has become an effective way to help customers in their purchasing journey and drive sales.

Top 5 use cases of Instagram Chatbots

Here are a few use cases of Instagram chatbots that can help in marketing, sales and support:

1. Automate sales

Conversational AI solutions on Instagram can help create exceptional conversational experiences to incentivize customers and automate sales. Vizury is a level 3 AI, powered by deep Natural Language Processing capabilities, which help your chatbot understand the shoppers language, queries and emotion. And in-turn replies back with the exact products, order status, offers or store locations that the shopper is asking about. The bot also facilitates conversions by powering transactions using any 3rd party payment solution or redirecting the shopper to your website’s checkout page.  

2. Personalized product recommendations

Personalized recommendations can drive customers to action. Using conversational AI solutions, you can send recommendations while the customer is in the messaging session to influence their purchasing decisions and increase your AOV. For instance, if a customer has added a dress to their cart, you can train the bot to send shoe recommendations during the messaging session that compliment the dress.

In another case, the bot may also send recommendations after the customer completes their purchase. For instance, a customer purchases a dress. After delivery the bot may enquire about their delivery experience and send a shoe recommendation that compliments the dress.

3. Retarget abandoned carts

Send promotional messages to recover abandoned carts using Instagram chatbots with a triggered template message based on your customer’s activity. For instance, a customer added a watch in the cart but didn’t complete their purchase. The chatbot automatically sends a 30% discount offer to incentivize the customer to complete their purchase.

4. Customer engagement

Instagram chatbots can also send immediate responses to customer queries whether it’s product or support related. A chatbot template can be set 24/7 to engage with customers to promptly handle information-based questions and reduce support related queries.

5. Appointment bookings

You can leverage chatbots to automate appointment bookings via Instagram DM. The chatbots can be connected to the calendar to book appointment slots and offer customers 24/7 service without requiring human intervention.

Best examples of brands using Instagram chatbots

Here are 7 examples of brands using Instagram chatbots to interact with their customers and improve business operations:

1. Spotify

Spotify chatbot

Spotify has enabled its customers to search, listen and share music directly via Instagram and Facebook. The bot will allow users to share 30 seconds song clips to friends that can be listened to within the chat or the Spotify app. A customer can get playlist recommendations based on their mood or genre as well.

2. Sephora

Customers can get all kinds of makeup tutorials if they chat with Sephora on Kik. It also acts as a personal assistant by giving product recommendations and reviews to help with purchasing decisions. The chatbot also uses location to show nearby stores so that customers can book beauty services . Users may also leave reviews on the “share store feedback” section directly via Instagram.

3. Staples

Staples employed a signature name “Watson” for their chatbot, that allows office and supply managers to order products with ease. The AI can find specific SKUs, verify an order quantity and complete the transaction. Staples uses Instagram chatbots for customer service that can answer customer questions related to orders, tracking, returns or whether items are in stock and more.

Staples chatbot

4. The Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal Chatbot

The Wall Street Journal, a popular U.S publication developed a chatbot that delivers news to the user’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. It also allows customers to customize their alerts. Users just have to type what they need in the bot and get information delivered to them promptly whether it's top news, market reports, company information, key financial metrics, stock quotes, and the latest news.

5. Pizza Hut

Pizza chatbot

“The new Pizza Hut social ordering platform is another example of making it easy for our customers to order their favorites from Pizza Hut,” Baron Concors, Pizza Hut’s Chief Digital Officer, said in a statement.

Pizza Hut made it easy for customers to order directly from Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger and Twitter. Customers can also reorder their favorite pizzas or saved orders, ask questions and be informed about current deals. This allowed Pizza Hut to be readily available to the customers on their favorite messaging apps and incentivize customers into ordering their favorite pizzas.

6. Marriott International

Marriott international chatbot

Marriott International’s chatbot called the Chatbotlr, allows members to book from over more than 4700 hotels. Members can plan upcoming trips with suggestions linked with Marriott Travel, the official digital travel magazine of Marriott. 44% of Reward Members reported that they were successful in receiving assistance related to their stay or reservation and 53% received help with their Rewards account.

Marriott’s customer service approach enabled the company to deliver a wide range of choices of engagement whether its messaging, call center or in-person to its customers.

7. Whole Foods

Whole Foods Chatbot

Whole Foods, a grocery shopping store allows shoppers to look up recipes with the help of a chatbot. The most amazing part about Whole Foods chatbot is that it allows customers to search recipes with an emoji. It also helps you filter results based on your dietary preferences. Health conscious people can take the help of the chatbot to search for fresh, wholesome recipes. Customers can search if their local Whole Foods store has all the necessary ingredients for the suggested recipe. This helps Whole Foods to incentivize customers to purchase groceries from their store.

Instagram Chatbots for your Business

You can build chatbots using Conversational AI platforms like Vizury. All you need to do is build you chatflow with questions and answers using our no-code chatbot builder. Based on the questions and answers you've provided, our AI will learn and be ready for activation. Vizury has built-in integrations with Instagram, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and other messaging apps that allows you to activate your brand's bot in a few simple clicks. The NLP powered bot can understand and identify the customers intent and deliver a response that matches their intent.

Chatbots can elevate your customer experience and satisfaction, thus driving sales and customer retention. They are being used widely for different functions such as sales, marketing and customer service. It is as efficient as human support and can provide solutions to queries without requiring human assistance.

This is not to say that human agents and sales people are not required. A human touch is always necessary. But what we are suggesting is to employ the benefits of Omnichannel Conversation AI to free up your human agent’s time to focus on resolving more important and urgent customer issues.

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