Instagram Messenger API: all you need to know.

Instagram Messenger API: all you need to know.

Facebook has opened up its Messenger API for Instagram. Last year, the company granted beta access to 30 developers and 700 brands, including companies like Ford and H&M. And with this week’s announcement, any developer who wants to start building for the platform can access the tool, with a phased rollout to business accounts to follow.

A hot-bed for New-Age Brands

Over 70% of the one billion Instagram users are below the age of thirty-five, making it one of the hottest engagement channels if you’re looking to boost your brand's reach. 90% of Instagrammers now follow a business account and say that the platform is a prominent bridge between them and their favorite brands. Most new-age companies, especially in the fashion and lifestyle category, like Zara, H&M, Kiehl, AllBirds, etc. invest heavily in building a strong presence and engagement on the platform.

Instagram usage stats

What is Instagram Messaging and why should you care?

Instagram messaging is a private, instant communication channel within the Instagram app used by brands to communicate with their shoppers for a one-to-one, personalized experience. The channel has been around for over five years now and is very popular amongst millennials and gen-z who use it to exchange texts, posts, GIFs, photos, and videos. Brands use it to:

  • Drive conversational Instagram commerce.
  • Resolve support queries to improve the shopper's experience.
  • Receive direct feedback on their products, collections, and services.

What’s new with the Messenger API?

At its simplest, the API allows brands and businesses to access Instagram's messaging tools into their existing service and sales apps, making it easier for their employees to field messages from customers and build a scalable sales channel on Instagram messaging. This is something the company already allowed businesses to do on Facebook and WhatsApp.

While the APIs will be released to business accounts in phases, all Vizury users can start driving conversational experiences on Instagram immediately.

Instagram messenger to drive conversational commerce

In a company blog, Instagram says that as a result of connecting to the API, Kiehl’s Malaysia is now driving 30 percent more qualified leads on Instagram messaging compared to other channels. The brand is also now converting 20 percent of consultations into sales.

Instagram also cites H&M’s success in partnering with Sprinklr to detect languages to automatically organize and send messages to the correct support team. In doing so, H&M increased customer satisfaction by over 9 points while increasing agent efficiency by 31 percent, according to Instagram.

See it in action today!

At Vizury, we envision brands using the APIs as a part of their omnichannel engagement stack to offer delightful customer experiences and drive conversational commerce at scale.

If you’d like to see how this would look like in action and figure out specific use cases for your brand send us an email, [email protected] We'll be happy to set this up for you.

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