Introducing Vizury CommerceBot Builder

Introducing Vizury CommerceBot Builder

The use of WhatsApp Chatbots (and conversational bots on other messaging platforms) is growing at an unprecedented rate. From large multinational brands to smaller ecommerce startups, everyone is coming to the realization that conversational experiences are the way to go.

But what does your chatbot do?

Most chatbots available across the market are built of support uses and not for driving sales.

Let’s expand on that.

A support focused chatbot is very good at:

  • Answering FAQs
  • Providing order updates
  • And passing an unanswered query to your support agent.
Simple chatbots just offer a communication layer.

These as you can imagine are static use cases that can be solved by a simple bot. You upload some Q&As and it’ll handle FAQs. Connect it to your Order Management System and it will pull and display order status etc.

A commerce focused bot is very good at:

  • Understanding, Segmenting and Retargeting shoppers to start conversations
  • Dynamically recommending products that a shopper might be interested in
  • Taking orders, and powering transactions
CommerceBots have three powerful layers

And if you're an ecommerce marketer you know this - Enabling conversational commerce on any channel like WhatsApp is half the problem solved, 7/10 users don't come back as they don't receive contextual re-engagement messages on WhatsApp.

Today we’re launching Vizury CommerceBot Builder - a no-code tool for marketers to create and launch chatbots that are focused on driving commerce and conversions.

Vizury gives you the power to create chatbots, convert shoppers and drive loyalty on every messaging app across the world:

  • Build, test and change chat flows in real-time
  • Power dynamic shopper, product and offer personalization
  • Analyze the conversations at every customer touchpoint
  • Segment and retarget shoppers with promotional messages
  • Retarget shopper on other marketing channels

Brands use Vizury to send real-time promotions on the messaging channel and all of their other marketing channel whenever a shopper drops off during the conversation to nudge them to conversion:

  • Cart Abandonment
  • Product drop offs
  • New Offers and Launches
  • Inactive Shoppers

We’re excited to build for the conversational future of commerce. And can't wait to see our customers creating next-gen shopper journeys on our CommerceBot Builder.

Give it a spin today. Let’s talk - [email protected]

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