Introducing Vizury WhatsApp Commerce for Retail

Make your brand stores come alive on WhatsApp and capture digital demand at your physical store.

Introducing Vizury WhatsApp Commerce for Retail

True story.

We were at the India Retail Forum conference this year, and I was surprised to learn that most retailers, even the large ones, had very rudimentary WhatsApp commerce processes.

Here’s what they did.

Every individual store manager got a phone. And a WhatsApp number.

She now gave this number to any shopper that visited in case they wanted to call or text about something.

Now imagine a shoppers contact book -

HandBag Store Connaught Place
HandBang Store Medanta
Jackets Ring Road
Jackets Globe Mall and so on…

Individual numbers for every store is not the solution.

To top it off, let us understand that this one store manager who in the busy season could receive five messages, two calls and a few walk-in shoppers at a time.

Your customer experience is bound to go for a toss.

While digital first brands are thriving on conversational commerce, physical retail has not been able to catch up.

Vizury WhatsApp Commerce for Retail

Today we’re announcing Vizury’s WhatsApp commerce solution for physical retail brands. The platform that has been powering exceptional shopping experiences on WhatsApp for global brands like Karl Lagerfeld, Fossil, Puma and more.

Vizury makes things simple.

Your entire brand has one WhatsApp channel.

You can promote this on your website, social media, newspapers or billboards.

This channel is powered by Vizury’s AI CommerceBot and Dynamic WhatsApp stores. A customer can just drop a "Hi", share their location and check the products available at their closest store. The AI commerce bot shares recommendations, combinations, discounts and acts like a personal assistant to the shopper.

WhatsApp Commerce for Retail

If they want they can choose to talk to the store staff. Or reserve a product at store to visit and try. Click and Collect. Or opt for a home delivery.

As a shopper this is fantastic because I can sit and browse products in my favorite retail store from the comfort of my couch before planning my visit.

As a store owner this is fantastic because you are no longer losing potential sales to digital first brands and can drive footfall to your location consistently.

Power to the store manager

But you ask - how does the store manager organize all of this? The text messages, the orders, video calls.

Vizury StoreBoard.

An intuitive mobile app built for in-store operators. Our app is available on Android and iOS and helps your store staff manage all the customer orders, inventory and requests in a simple powerful flow.

Experience the power of WhatsApp for your retail stores today. Let me show you a quick demo today - [email protected]

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