New Feature Launch - Customer 360

We are happy to announce the release of our new feature – Customer360. Read on to learn more about this new feature

New Feature Launch - Customer 360

We are happy to announce the release of our new feature – Customer360. This tool will allow brands to have a granular view of every unique user. This includes the user actions and their behavior through their digital footprint on your digital assets.

How to use?

Login to to find Customer360 on your dashboard:

How can Customer360 help?

In Customer 360, you will be able to locate any unique user by their unique ID/exact phone number/exact email ID (a cookie ID for web users or device ID for app users and the entries); toggle between web and app to locate the respective users.

In this view, you can locate the following data on display:

✅Distinct ID

✅Mobile Number

✅Email Address



✅Last Visited

Access more Data Instantly

Upon finding a particular user or clicking on any, the following user profile attributes are shown for every single user:

Meta Data on the left consisting of:

✅Distinct ID

✅Last Visited

✅Total Visits


✅Device Type (Mobile/Web)

✅OS Type (only for Mobile – iOS/Android)

On the activity feed, one can view the user activity from a range of 1 single day to last 30 days with the over push metrics of impressions, clicks, conversions, CTR, CVR and revenue of a particular user!

In addition, your brand can also capture the following:

✅Segments – This will allow your brand to view all the segments that the user is part of

✅Events – This feature will keep track of all the pages visited by the users

✅Timeline – This feature lets your brand view timestamp of every event

✅Notifications – This allows your brand to find all notifications sent to the user with the message, URL and/or image

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