Enhanced Soft Opt-In Push Notifications by Engage360: Make Push Experiences Relevant

Soft push notification opt-in feature makes your browser notifications more efficient by securing user data and improving user experience. Learn more.

Enhanced Soft Opt-In Push Notifications by Engage360: Make Push Experiences Relevant

Creating the best user experience on the first visit to your website can make a huge impact on your digital revenue. . That’s why businesses spend an extraordinary amount of time and money on building the perfect website for their audience.

When anyone visits your website, you have a number of options to choose from like prompting for push notifications, displaying in-browser messages, and others. Today we are going to exclusively discuss push notifications, with regards to Engage360’s soft opt-in capabilities.

We’ll be diving deep into what soft opt-in push notifications are.

How do they work?

How to use it?

And, when to use it?

Push Notifications: Traditional and Soft Opt-In Notifications

Push notifications became one of the more popular engagement channels by the latter part of the 2010s. What rolled out as a yes or no prompt with an option to add a question, has seen quite a lot of richer additions over the years. Yes, I am still talking about push notifications.

Which is why we can segregate push notifications into 2 different types:

Traditional and soft opt-in push notifications.

Traditional Push Notifications

A traditional opt-in-based push notification is the one that asks the user to subscribe to push notifications immediately. As soon as they land on the website. These types of notifications don’t take into account any prior behavior to prompt the pop-ups.  Plus, the message would be – [XYZ] would like to send you to push notifications.

At this point, all you can do is “allow” or “block” them. They can be redeployed, every time you visit the website, but modern-day browsers block these notifications forever if the user chooses to block the pop-up multiple times.

If currently, you’re using traditional push notifications, there is a good chance that you might not have a conversion rate that you’d want to have. But don’t worry, there is more.

Soft Opt-In Push Notifications

This is where things get interesting.

Platforms such as Vizury’s Engage360 offer a more intuitive take on push notifications that focuses on improving user engagement. Soft opt-in push notifications encourage your audience to subscribe by leveraging personalization.

A soft opt-in is usually a notification that is triggered based on a series of desired actions by the user. After certain actions are completed, a soft opt-in push is triggered to the customer. This minimizes the obtrusive nature associated with push notifications.

These actions could comprise of, not necessarily —

  • Pages visited by your users
  • Previous purchases by your users
  • Cart abandoned by users

And more.

Such push notifications prompt your audience with relevance rather than a standard robotic single-line request, which improves your overall subscription rates.

How to Use Soft Opt-In Push Notifications?

When utilized in the right manner soft opt-in push notification can reap incredible benefits in terms of customer acquisition and retention. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Soft Opt-In Based on Landing Page

Relevance is a key part of customer experience. Modern consumers are way beyond the point of entertaining random pop-ups, sudden prompts, etc. Any visual clutter and experience hindering mechanism directly impacts your brand value and customer experience negatively.

Therefore, it is important to always use lead magnets such as push notification in a non-intrusive manner. One of the ways to do this is by tailoring the push prompts based on the page that the user is on.

For example, if someone if your audience is reading an article on your blog, you can prompt the reader with – “stay up to date with our latest articles, subscribe now!”

Soft Opt-In Based on Activity

One of the best ways to implement soft opt-in notifications is based on user activity. By triggering soft push notification based on the user activity you can incorporate relevance and personalization in your communications.

One can also re-engage with customers who chose to formerly block push notifications on your website with soft opt-in push messaging. Since the prompts are in-website, and do not initiate a browser request before requesting the proper permission, the re-engagement campaigns negates the intrusive nature of traditional push altogether.

Here is an example —  If a user is on your careers page, submitting information for a job application, you can trigger a soft opt-in here. You can try saying “Subscribe to our notifications and stay updated about your applications”.

Soft Opt-In Based on Offers

Another great way to improve subscription rate on your push channels is by using discounts and offers. This could be easily implemented with soft opt-in push notifications.

By providing discounts and offers in a soft opt-in push prompt, you can increase the probability of a visitor subscribing to your push channel in exchange for these offers. It also helps you nudge your customers closer to the conversion window. For example, you can motivate your user to subscribe with a prompt like, ““Get 10% off your first purchase when you sign up for push notifications”.

As we discussed above, there are incredible benefits of using soft opt-in push notifications instead of regular run-of-the-mill traditional ones. This brings us to the newest addition to Engage360, ie, Soft Opt-In Push Notifications, our take on better push messaging.

Continue reading to understand more.

Introducing Enhanced Soft Opt-In Push by Engage360

You will be glad to know that we are adding an enhanced soft opt-in push feature to Vizury’s Engage360 platform as a part of our push messaging suite.

With our enhanced soft opt-in push notifications, we bring you all the capabilities that we discussed above and a couple of exclusive industry-specific features. So without further ado, let’s see what is in store for everyone:

Push Notifications with Omnichannel capabilities

Being a part of the Engage360 platform, you can create highly tailored soft opt-in campaigns that tie with other channels, therefore building a truly omnichannel experience for your audience.  Our push notification channel is directly tied with the other channels that are a part of Engage360. Plus all your favorite omnichannel capabilities like blocked user re-engagement, user segmentations, custom schedules, re-engagement messaging for blocked users and more.

Here is an example: You can create a campaign for an offer promo-code that encompasses not just soft opt-in push messaging, but tie it with email and SMS messaging for better reach and visibility.

Diverse Customization Options

icon based opt-in

Engage360’s soft opt-in feature comes with an in-house customization option, which allows you to create your very own design with custom HTML and CSS.

Our push platform also allows you to see how your push notification would look on different browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari by Apple. And If you’re one who likes to get their hands dirty, you can create your own custom layouts and design, by uploading your custom HTML.

Advanced Analytics and Insightful Reporting

Like our other offerings, soft opt-in push notifications also offer a robust set of analytical and reporting capabilities. These additions are meant to ensure that you can analyze your push campaigns in fine detail and make optimizations on the fly.


There are various ways to analyze your data, and we have added functionalities that allow you twist and fold your data as you feel like. And, obviously all these details can be downloaded and shared with your other teams with a click of a button in various formats.

Reliable Customer Success and Support

All our Engage360 customers have dedicated account management which will help you create potent customer engagement campaigns, whether it’s acquiring, activating, or retaining your customers.

Our team comprises members that have an understanding of various different industries, use-cases and verticals as well as expertise in getting you started right away.

Get Started Today

Soft Opt-In Push Notifications are live, and you can start using it right now. With Soft-Opt In, you’ll be creating push notifications that users can thoroughly enjoy.

And we all know how powerful and easy push notifications are. Utilizing push notifications for your online business can quickly help you acquire new customers, retain and improve customer loyalty and drive more conversions.

So get started today, get in touch with our team here.

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