Top 5 Ways to Use WhatsApp Messaging For Your Retail Business

WhatsApp Business API could be used to share pre-approved promotional messages with the help of templates.

Top 5 Ways to Use WhatsApp Messaging For Your Retail Business

WhatsApp as a marketing channel has proven growth, conversion, and high ROI for businesses across different verticals. In fact, conversational marketing and chat apps as a marketing channel have become one of the most effective customer communication channels.

Today, WhatsApp is probably the most popular app in the conversational space. And, top retailers and businesses are taking advantage of WhatsApp Business tools to power their customer experience.

However, to protect their users, WhatsApp has ensured from the get-go that their new business model doesn’t intrude into any of their users’ privacy or app experience.

Therefore if you are looking to leverage WhatsApp as a promotional channel for marketing, and sales, it is important to understand —

  • What are promotional messages on WhatsApp?
  • What are the different use-cases for them?
  • When can these messages be sent to a customer?

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Promotional Messages for WhatsApp Business Accounts

"WhatsApp allows businesses to initiate conversations with their customers, albeit with a catch. If a brand wants to initiate a conversation, then the message has to be pre-approved by the WhatsApp team as a pre-approved template. This set of messages are known as pre-approved message templates.''

For example, if you want to send an order confirmation to your customer, like —

Hi Steve, Your Order #1905 at ShopToday has been successfully dispatched and will be delivered by 7th April 2021.

The message template has to be approved by WhatsApp prior to sending. Here’s an example of the template you’d require to submit to WhatsApp for approval:

Hi {{1}}! Your order {{2}} at ShopToday has been successfully dispatched and will be delivered by {{3}}.

These messages have to be pre-approved and opted-in by your customers before they can receive them. WhatsApp currently allows its business users to send one promotional message in a 24-hour window once your customer has opted-in. No more and no less!

So let’s take a look at how you can use template messaging to create promotional content on WhatsApp and engage with your customer base.

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Recover Carts with WhatsApp

WhatsApp promotional messages can be utilized to recover carts with a triggered template based on your customer’s activity. Setting this up is quick and easy, and since you can send them on WhatsApp, the chances of your customer missing it is lower compared to other channels.

Recommend New Products

If you are using a platform such as Vizury to drive omnichannel customer engagement, you can create customer journeys to cross-sell and upsell new offerings to your customers as WhatsApp recommendations.

You can send product recommendations based on —

  • User purchase behavior – Last purchase based on the item purchased, time of purchase, preferred brands, and more.
  • User browsing behavior – Recommendations based on last on-site and in-app activity, most viewed products, products wish-listed, and more.
  • Milestones – You can also send recommendations based on user milestones, like cart-threshold, free shipping threshold, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Offers, Promos, and Discounts

The 1:1 nature of WhatsApp conversations makes it quite easy to send your customers with truly personalized offers, promos, or discounts and they can be tailored like recommendations. You can choose to send offers, promos, and discounts based on purchase behavior, user activity, and milestones.

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Enroll Customers in a Loyalty Program

Engage your loyal customers by offering them access to your loyalty program directly on WhatsApp with promotional messages allowing them to connect their customer ID or other credentials.

This integration allows customers to directly check their loyalty account, points, and personalized offers and discounts under their loyalty program.

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Back In-Stock and Restock alerts

WhatsApp is a great way to alert your customers that their favorite or wishlisted products are back in stock. You can create product links with payment options for all restock alerts allowing a customer to quickly purchase these products before they go out-of-stock again.

Apart from that, if a customer engages with these alerts you can also provide payment links directly on WhatsApp to help the customer purchase the item immediately after confirmation.

Get Started with WhatsApp Promotional Messages

WhatsApp as a business tool is a monumental step in its own way. With its extensive reach, highly engaged user base, and rich communication capabilities, it has the potential to be one of the most powerful customer engagement channels in the omnichannel ecosystem, especially for businesses that are serving thousands of customers globally.

If you are looking to leverage WhatsApp to promote your brand and engage with your customers on a 1:1 level, you can get started with Vizury.

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