WhatsApp Chatbot: Complete Guide to Getting Started

A WhatsApp chatbot is an automated conversation tool between a computer and a person. Find out what it can do for your business

WhatsApp Chatbot: Complete Guide to Getting Started

“If you get a WhatsApp message, you’re probably going to open it. That’s the interesting thing.” — Harper Reed, Head of Commerce, Braintree(a subsidiary of PayPal)

Businesses are constantly on the lookout on how they can improve their customer’s experience.

And integrating a WhatsApp chatbot will ensure that your customers don’t have to wait to find what they are looking for or to get their answers.

In fact, 53% of online shoppers abandon their carts for lack of instant answers.

What is a WhatsApp Chatbot?

A WhatsApp chatbot is an automated conversation tool between a computer and a person.

It acts as a virtual assistant to your shopper’s needs that can engage in human-like conversations. It will also allow you to understand what your customers want and assist them accordingly.

The massive increase in the usage of WhatsApp for the past couple of years has opened a wide range of opportunities for businesses to reach customers and give them what they are looking for.

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Why Opt for a WhatsApp Chatbot?

Most consumers want instant gratification.

In fact, a report found that 60% of people would pay more for convenience.

Research also shows that once people try messaging a business, it often becomes their go-to medium.

Hence, immediate responses is the key to creating positive and meaningful experiences for your consumers.

With the help of advanced conversational AI solutions, a WhatsApp chatbot can enable brands to be available 24/7, give product recommendations, send personalized messages and drive sales directly via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has proven itself to be a highly effective channel to acquire, engage, and convert existing and potential customers.

Integrating WhatsApp Chatbot with your WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp business API allows medium and large businesses to communicate with their consumers at scale.

And a WhatsApp chatbot can only be integrated if you have a WhatsApp business API.

Here are the steps to follow to integrate a WhatsApp chatbot with your WhatsApp business API:

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Step 1: Set up your WhatsApp Business API

There are two ways of signing up:

  • You can sign up directly with WhatsApp Business API on their official website.
  • You can also opt for a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider that will help you get faster approval.

Step 2: Building Conversation

It is essential to determine what kind of questions your chatbot will answer.

The following questions may help you build conversations for your WhatsApp chatbot:

  • What are your goals of marketing?
  • What tone should you use to approach your customers?
  • How will the chatbot respond if it doesn’t know the answer?
  • When would the chat be assigned to a live agent?
  • What are the kind of queries your customer may have?

Step 3: Selecting your Chatbot Application

Platforms like Vizury can help you build your chatbot application so that you don’t have to build it from scratch.

WhatsApp Business API has to be hosted using a database. This step is done to ensure that end-to-end encryption is maintained.

During a conversation, the integrated NLP-powered WhatsApp chatbot can collect data and insights on the types of products your customer loves.

Using this, you will be able to send personalized recommendations, offers, discount coupons and a lot more based on individual preferences.

Step 4: Test your Chatbot

Test your chatbot by asking it questions the customers may ask.

Fix errors in case there are issues with its functionality.

This will enhance your customer’s experience and ensure that there are no issues when its live.

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WhatsApp Chatbot Examples

Here are some brands using WhatsApp Chatbot to drive business operations:


WhatsApp Chatbot

Borosil installed a WhatsApp chatbot to help customers with queries and requests such as tracking order status, shipping status, payment updates.

The bot can guide their customers through their buying journey and help complete their purchase.

All the customer needs to do is select the button such as “track order” or  “check service request” or “buy now”  and the bot will automatically help the customer with their necessary requirement.

Kids DXB: Information Hub

WhatsApp Chatbot

Kids DXB installed a chatbot to improve their customer acquisition and experience.

The WhatsApp assistant was responsible for generating leads and providing relevant information in case a customer has a query.

Kids DXB was not only able to collect phone numbers but also data about their customers' tastes and preferences.

This ultimately help them to acquire customers and ensure an excellent customer experience.


WhatsApp Chatbot

NiceHop installed their WhatsApp chatbot to offer personalized travel bargains to their customers.

The chatbot, Hoppi, was responsible for giving users the option to check the bargain of the day based on their preferences.

After assessing, it would then send the best possible bargain.


WhatsApp Chatbot

SnapTravel used chatbots to offer exclusive personalized deals to their clients in real-time.

The bot used artificial intelligence to analyze the users inputs and provide deals based on the client’s preferences.

The WhatsApp Chatbot Revolution

WhatsApp is all set to connect billions of people across the world. With its business features, the possibilities in the business world are endless.

And with the chatbot revolution taking over, it is possible for your business to be available 24/7 and assist customers the way they want. Whether its shopping, completing a purchase, or tracking orders, a WhatsApp Chatbot is always there to make it possible!

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