The Ultimate Guide to WhatsApp Click-to-Chat Link

The click-to-chat link allows customers to connect with their favorite brands with one single click. Explore all you need to know to get started

The Ultimate Guide to WhatsApp Click-to-Chat Link

Modern customers want instant gratification while shopping. When it comes to increasing sales or providing customer support, they expect their needs to be met instantaneously.

In the modern era of immediate satisfaction, the WhatsApp click-to-chat link feature is rapidly becoming the customer's first choice when it comes to getting in touch with their favorite brands.

In fact, more than 5 million businesses are already utilizing WhatsApp to communicate with their clients and customers. You can now create a WhatsApp Link that can redirect your customers to a new conversation thread on WhatsApp

The click-to-chat link allows customers to connect with their favorite brands with one single click. When a user clicks on the link,  a chat window is opened on WhatsApp. Customers can raise requests, discover products, or shop on a brand’s WhatsApp shop once the window opens. The link can be added to your social media profiles, website pop-ups, images to redirect customers to your WhatsApp store.

There are essentially two ways to create a link. They are:

#1. URL

To use this feature, you need to create a “” link. You can create a link in three simple steps.

✅Use the template

✅Next add your phone number to the template. You can also shorten this link using apps like to make it more appealing


✅Next, add text

Its always a great idea to add a welcome message for new users to send. To do this, create the link and add a message template. For example, Hey, please send me the newest collection,%please%send%me%the%newest%collection

The WhatsApp Business App allow brands to create a link within the app itself. Here’s how you can get the link from the app.

  1. Navigate to the Settings option
  2. Select Business Tools
  3. Click on Short Links after opening the application. You may see the link by selecting the "short link" option
  4. You can copy the link by tapping the icon that looks like a hyperlink
  5. Next share it in a message or a social post or add it to another website

What are Some Use Cases for Brands?

Here are some use cases for this feature:

Online Advertising

Incorporate a WhatsApp click-to-chat link into your Google Ads campaign and any other digital advertising channels to allow customers to interact with your brand.
You can also use Click to WhatsApp ad on Facebook to allow customers to open a WhatsApp thread with your brand once they click the “send message” button.

Lead Generation

Use the WhatsApp click-to-chat link feature on your website and social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Brands can talk to prospective consumers on a one-on-one level and explain what they have to offer.

Although the click to chat feature can ease customer’s shopping experience, it is also essential for them to find it. So here’s what you can do to help customers find your WhatsApp:

#1. Social Media Profiles

Every social networking handle enables users to embed links into their posts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. In fact, Facebook allows businesses to add a WhatsApp button to their pages. You can also put your click-to-chat link in the bio on Instagram to make it easy for customers to reach your brand.

#2. Live Chat Widget

Chat widgets are a great way to catch the users attention and redirect them to your WhatsApp. You can embed the chat link on your live chat and initiate conversations with your visitors.

In addition, customers that land on your website may need a human representative who will need to step in and take control of the pressing conversations. And what's better than redirecting your customers to the click-to-chat link to connect with customers on a 1:1 level, understand their concerns and deliver effective solutions.

#3. Social Media Posts

Every social media update should have a purpose and an effective course of action. Hence, it is crucial to include a call-to-action (CTA) button. Getting customers to start a discussion on WhatsApp has become easier with the click-to-chat feature.

#4. Websites

One of the best ways to use WhatsApp links is to incorporate them into a website. However, rather than simply employing it as an WhatsApp API link, businesses could incorporate it into a clickable banner that reads "Contact us on WhatsApp" or "Shop with us on WhatsApp."

Studies have shown that an image with compelling creatives receives more attention than a link alone. Additionally, businesses can leverage it as a QR code, which website visitors can scan to initiate an instant chat with the company.

#5. Google My Business (GMB) profile

Having a Google Business Profile will help your brand's online presence and rankings. Although Google Business Messaging is an excellent in built feature, you can also add your "click-to-chat" link to your company profile.

To do this, navigate to the Home area of your Google My Business account and activate the online booking feature. After initiating online bookings, the service will instantly provide you the option to enter the smaller version of the WhatsApp link you have already created.


The click-to-chat feature is set to play a major role in your customer acquisition strategy. The biggest advantage of using this feature is to make your customer’s life a little easier while shopping with your brand. Ready to deliver exceptional experiences for your customers on WhatsApp? Book your demo with Vizury today.

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