How to Use WhatsApp for Customer Support?

With over 2 billion users worldwide, it's no wonder why popular brands have adopted WhatsApp for customer support. Explore how brands are using it for customer support

How to Use WhatsApp for Customer Support?

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With the advancement of technology, everything is at our fingertips. Whether we want to look up a product or find the nearest store, it's just one Google search away.

The pandemic has changed the way shoppers communicate with brands. In fact, 35% of shoppers prefer to message brands to receive instant responses. With over 2 billion users worldwide, it's no wonder why popular brands have adopted WhatsApp for customer support.

How do I Connect WhatsApp to Customers?

There are several ways through which you can connect WhatsApp to your customers. You can inform customers about reaching out on WhatsApp with the following methods:

✅WhatsApp conversation thread
✅QR Codes
✅Phone using IVR flow
✅Click to WhatsApp Ads

You can send alerts to your existing customer base via SMS or email. You can also use QR codes to get customers to sign up or run Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook to begin a conversation. It is crucial to take into account that users must consent to receive WhatsApp notifications. Brands must collect WhatsApp opt-in to send status alerts, notifications, or promotional messages.

Why use WhatsApp customer service platform

6 Ways to Use WhatsApp for Customer Support

There are multiple ways to use WhatsApp for customer services. Some of them include:

1. Order Status Alerts

Brands can now use WhatsApp Business API to send order status notifications to shoppers. Keeping customers in the loop is an excellent way to reengage with them. In addition, customers read WhatsApp messages almost instantly unlike emails. Here’s an example:

Order status on WhatsApp

2. Delivery Notifications

your order was delivered

We all love to see these notifications. Keep your customers updated by sending delivery notifications on WhatsApp.

Delivery notifications on WhatsApp

3. Appointment reminders

An excellent way to use WhatsApp for customer support is to send appointment reminders. Customers expect convenience while shopping. Hence, they prefer appointment details to be sent to them on WhatsApp post booking.  You can inform the customer about their upcoming appointments and also give an option to reschedule if necessary. In addition, customers can also opt to book appointments directly via WhatsApp.

Appointment update on WhatsApp

4. Customer Feedback

Feedback is a crucial element to assess your customer satisfaction rates. In fact, research found that 58% of customers do not consider the same company or brand with which they had a bad experience. You can run customer feedback surveys via WhatsApp to collect and analyze feedback. In addition, the WhatsApp chatbot uses conversational flow to collect feedback which seems more organic and targeted.

customer feedback on WhatsApp

This data can be used to improve customer experience and boost customer retention rates.

5. Customer Support

Customer support on WhatsApp

In this digital-first environment, it is crucial to provide customers with relevant mediums of support. Whether it's returning an item or replacing a damaged product, customers can raise complaints directly on WhatsApp.

6. Answer FAQs

FAQ on WhatsApp

Customers expect instant responses when they ask a question or raise a query. Your WhatsApp chatbot can send automated messages to answer frequently answered questions. In addition, you can also set up template messages to greet a new customer or send replies after business hours.

7. Transaction alerts

One of the best ways to keep your customers in the loop is to send transaction alerts every time they make a purchase. Here’s an example

Transaction alerts on WhatsApp

How do I send a Formal Message on WhatsApp?

You can send a formal message to your customers outside of business hours or if you are away by setting up WhatsApp templates. A WhatsApp welcome message is a customizable and automated message that a brand can send to customers who have reached out for the first time or through a Click to WhatsApp Ad. Here’s an example:

Welcome to [Brand name] . We are glad you chose us to [what your brand does]
If you need to order [what you sell] , here's our website: [website link]
Let's connect on Instagram for some fun: [Instagram link]
Team [Brand name]

Brands Powering Customer Support on WhatsApp

Here are some brands powering customer service using WhatsApp:


Indigo started using WhatsApp for customer support to send alerts to passengers. Passengers can receive their flight information, tickets, and other important information once they agreed to opt-in to receive updates.

Indigo on WhatsApp

Urban Company

This service-based company is now using WhatsApp to re-engage with existing customers. They are also sending alerts once a service is booked. All details related to the appointment including the name of the person, and whether they are vaccinated are updated to the customer post booking.

Urban company on WhatsApp

Go Ibibo

This online travel portal is using WhatsApp to collect customer feedback regarding their latest experience at a hotel. Here’s an example

Go Ibibo on WhatsApp

In addition, they are interacting with the customer post-purchase to continue the relationship.


Slice on WhatsApp

Slice is a credit card brand who works in collaboration with NBFCs. It allows users a certain credit limit to use. This payment app is using WhatsApp to send alerts to customers with their monthly statements and how much they need to pay for the month. Users can choose payment plans by clicking on the button which will automatically get redirected to the app. Users can select their preferred option and complete the payment.


Nykka on WhatsApp

This ecommerce store is now on WhatsApp to send shoppers delivery updates on their latest purchases. Users can follow the link to track their delivery in real-time.

What are the Best Practices for Customer Service on WhatsApp?

Almost 90% of shoppers use customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company. And WhatsApp is a powerful ally to deliver exceptional customer experiences across the buyer’s journey. Here are some best practices to deliver customer service on WhatsApp

#1. WhatsApp Chatbots

WhatsApp AI chatbots are a great way to automate conversations. In fact, AI-powered chatbots can handle 80% of conversations on their own. It can also allow you to handle queries in real-time. In addition, you can train your AI bot to address new concerns and queries. This can help your customer service agents to handle more complex issues.

#2. Casual and Friendly Messages

A great way to display your brand’s personality is via WhatsApp messages. They are far less formal than emails. Here’s an example:

Friendly messages on WhatsApp

#3. Rich Media Usage

WhatsApp allows brands to send PDFs, emojis, images, videos, and more. Use it to your advantage and add rich media to enhance your message. Here’s a brand using rich media to interact with customers in a friendly yet professional way.

Use rich media

#4. Reply Buttons

Customers love convenience. Hence, a great way to ease your customer’s life is to use buttons for quick replies. Simplifying the interaction and reducing customer effort is a contributing factor to exceptional customer experience. The buttons allow customers to reply quickly without typing out messages.

Reply buttons on WhatsApp

The Future of Customer Support

According to reports, 61% of consumers will switch companies because of poor customer service. Although customers still care about quality and price, a major contributor to standing out from the crowd is customer service. A great customer service experience greatly impacts brand advocacy. 94% of consumers who give a company a “very good” cx rating are likely to recommend it to their peers. Using WhatsApp for customer support allows customers to reach your brand and vice versa. With WhatsApp, you can deliver exceptional customer experiences that convert. Your customers are already on WhatsApp. Are you?

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