Conversational AI Built for Commerce

Brands use Vizury's Conversational Commerce platform to engage, convert, support and retain their customers using the world's most popular chat apps

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Turn chat apps into a commerce channel for your brand

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Optimized for Commerce

Drive product discovery, transactions, omnichannel retail, support, returns and loyalty


Cross-Channel Journeys

Connect your chat channels to your website, app, digital ads, email, physical stores and more.


Exceptional ROI

With our revenue focused c-commerce platform brands have achieved an average 20X ROI


Help consumers discover products - available for delivery or at their hyperlocal store. Our product recommendations are based on your consumer's behavioral history and wisdom-of-the-crowd. Easily surface your inventory feed on all popular chat apps.



Create an urgent and effortless support experience for your customers. Solve frequently raised issues through our AI Chatbot and easily transfer the chat to a live agent under atypical scenarios.



Use video and text chat to enable a team of shopping assistants who suggest styles your most exclusive customers. Our chatbot also let’s customers reserve products and book appointments at any of your local retail stores or partners.



Our integrations with popular payment gateways allows consumers to pay directly from the chat app, receive e-receipts, as well as get critical alerts about their orders.



Announce new products, provide early access, give away discounts, collect feedback and drive referrals to build a loyal customer base by sharing actionable messages at their high intent moments.


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Cross-Channel Reengagement

Vizury Conversational Commerce powers seamless re-engagement of your customers who have engaged with you on chat - across channels like website notifications, app push, email, Facebook and Instagram, etc.


Digital Storefronts

Vizury Feedbus allows you to surface hyper-local inventory directly on chat based on your customers location. You can drive store footfall by enabling features to:

Connect with store managers

Book store appointments

Reserve products at store

Buy Online Pickup at Store


Customize for Your Brand

Languages, payment integrations, ecommerce integrations, chat flows, triggers, it can all be customized for your brand. A dedicated customer success manager will be always available to suggest improvements and solve issues.


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