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Industry: Cosmetics

About the brand

As part of global Singapore-based FMCG conglomerate, the Brand is a leading personal and beauty care eCommerce store offering an assortment of international beauty brands and authentic products with the goal to simplify customer experience in accessing quality brands.


With increasing consumer awareness and changes in purchase behavior, the Brand aims to enrich the beauty and skincare industry in Bangladesh by enabling access to quality brands and products to consumers. In order to achieve this, the goal has been to drive higher brand affinity and trust through content-led engagement. Thereby, driving first-transactions and repeat sales.


Vizury’s team of MarTech experts worked along with the Brand's marketing team to launch engagement campaigns to build higher trust and affinity among shoppers in the target market.

  • Acquiring high intent website visitors targeted through organic, social or paid channels to WhatsApp, thereby capturing first-party data points.
  • Personalized engagement on WhatsApp by delivering custom journeys that allows brands to understand consumers better by capturing their skin type, skin concerns and skin goals. Thereby enabling the brand to educate consumers on the best skin-care tips and routines and driving awareness by recommending products that will help them achieve their skin-care goals.
  • Drive higher conversions by recommending products based on their skin goals and nudging them to websites for completing their purchase journey. 

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