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About Zalora

Zalora is one of Asia’s leading online fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, part of Global Fashion Group. Zalora has a strong presence in South East Asia, particularly in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and serves over 50 million customers monthly.


For any eCommerce brand, user drop-off is a red flag. Cart abandonment and user drop-offs remain a significant challenge for most major online retailers, and Zalora has also had a fair share of these drop-offs.

The eCommerce team at Zalora wanted to understand what is causing these drop-offs and create campaigns that would pave the way for contextual customer engagement to convert cart abandonment and reduce user drop-offs. Thus, the team had two primary objectives:

  • Reach out to its users who drop off from their product & checkout pages to improve revenue and increase the customer lifetime value.
  • Re-engage inactive users with personalized recommendations based on a user’s purchase and browsing history.


Zalora partnered with Vizury to run a targeted campaign through WhatsApp nudging customers to complete the journey right where they left off from. 
Vizury’s Engage360’s seamless integration with Zalora’s web and app allowed the team to understand how web/app visitors were engaging and where they observed maximum drop-offs. This allowed the team to create dynamic segments based on the customer's stage in the funnel and what actions they are performing. 
Vizury launched hyper-personalized campaign across the customer lifecycle - 
  • Acquire: To identify high-intent website visitors based on their real-time browsing history and dynamically engage with at the right time, capturing their first party data. 
  • Activate: Leveraged the first party data captured to re-target the users on WhatsApp with the objective to move them further down the funnel by nudging them to perform the desired action such as installing the app or complete the sign-up process. 
  • Convert: Launched dynamic campaigns based on real-time event triggers such as abandoned cart/wishlist and re-targeted them on WhatsApp to drive conversions by allowing customers to complete their purchase journey on the channel itself with moving away from the app. 
  • Retain: Engage with users on WhatsApp with personalized product recommendations based on their interests, browsing activity, and previous purchases, thereby improving the CLTV. 
With such a combination, Zalora was able to achieve a 20-times uplift compared to Zalora’s older implementation of one-way push notifications.

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