Zivame achieves 8% increase in eCommerce conversion rates with Vizury


increase in ecommerce conversions


growth in reactivating app users


increase in conversions from reactivating dormant users

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Industry: eCommerce

About Zivame

Leading lingerie brand in India with 40+ retail stores and a presence with 1000+ partner stores across India with the mission to be a non-stop destination for every woman’s intimate wear needs


Zivame has more than 2Mn traffic with bounce rate as high as 50% and website visitors are spending time to visit at least 4 product pages before dropping off. Implying consumers are exploring and researching the product but don’t go ahead with their purchase journey, leading to low conversions despite huge traffic. Zivame wanted to reduce drop-offs significantly and drive higher conversions on the web and app. Thereby, reducing cost per transaction and maximize marketing ROI.


Vizury’s team of MarTech experts worked along with Zivame’s marketing team to launch retargeting campaigns through WhatsApp to convert high-intent website visitors and non-transacting app users driving first-time & repeat purchases.

Data-driven Strategy to Drive Higher Conversion

Engage360’s proprietary Intellibid algorithm used 50+ consumer attributes to understand consumer interests and preferences based on their past browsing and purchase history. Allowing the team to create dynamic segments and launch campaigns with  highly-relevant product recommendations to high-purchase-propensity users.

The objective of the campaign was to engage and convert users across both app and website, across the entire purchase funnel. We observed:

  • Significant improvement in website conversion rates over a 4-month period - adding significantly to the GMV
  • Growth in first-time user activation (within 7-day, 14-day, and 30-day periods) and driving them to make their first purchase
  • Re-engaging and converting previously dormant users, compared to traditional CRM marketing channels, overall driving higher customer lifetime value

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