Make stickiness your revenue growth driver

Increase repeat business and foster brand loyalty by leveraging WhatsApp to establish genuine customer connections

Customer Retention on WhatsApp

Build trust, brand loyalty and conversion growth on one platform

Maximize customer retention with our innovative strategies, utilizing data and customer insights to foster brand loyalty and drive repeat purchases

Dormant customer reactivation on WhatsApp

Reactivate your dormant customers

Improve reactivation rates by picking right where the dormant users left off from leveraging first-party data insights and bring these users back into the funnel

Drive upsell and cross-sell campaigns

Drive new transactions for your existing customers by launching hyper-personalized campaigns on dynamic segments based on customer's interests, past browsing & purchase history

Upsell and Cross sell on WhatsApp
Customer Data Platform

Turbo-charge performance of your retention campaigns

An in-built CDP that captures, analyses first-party customer data to dynamically create segments based on their propensity to purchase more, purchase high-value item or refer more customers

Nudge customers and drive revenue with real data

Make every interaction personalized leveraging the power of customer insights captured by analyzing more than 50+ attributes across demographics, behavior, interests

Customer Retention Technology

Partner with our Conversion Growth Specialists


Align on goals and best ways to optimize for higher conversions across customer lifecycle


Finalize audience segmentation, targeting strategies and move forward with campaign launch


Analyse and Measure campaign performance on business defined metrics to unlock brand growth

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