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9 Ways to Improve Customer Acquisition and Conversions for your Shopify Brand

Improving customer acquisition doesn’t have to be as hard as we imagine it to be. 9 tactics to your Shopify store convert and acquire more customers faster.

One of the most perennial focuses concerning an eCommerce customer’s journey is acquiring and converting new customers, prospects, or leads. And conversions have always been the top of the mountain that Shopify brands have tried to scale with a lot of effort.

And the climb isn’t a single track, a single hack to turn your Shopify store profitable overnight and gain thousands of customers in a few days.

However there are several techniques and tactics that could be incorporated into your Shopify and DTC brand, that will help you gradually improve your sales numbers.

So let’s get started with it right away!

1. Improve App and Website Usability

Remember, when we enter a store for the first time, we are met with warm greetings from the store manager or agent. They ask us how we are doing and what we are looking for, and they assist us when we browse the store.

This small step helps any brick-and-mortar store engage with a potential customer from the get-go and help the customer find out what they are looking for faster.

It’s a similar case with your online store. When a potential customer arrives at your store, your store’s usability and navigation could make or break the deal, be it on desktop or mobile, in-app or onsite.

Using omnichannel platforms like Vizury, you can ensure that when a customer arrives, they aren’t overwhelmed and greeted with cues that will help them find the products they are looking for faster.

Here are a few ways with which you can improve first-time visitor and onboarding experiences:

  • Use in-app and onsite chatbots – Chatbots are a great way to start a conversation between a first-time visitor and your brand. By incorporating chatbots on your app and website, you can create automated chatbots that trigger when someone visits your website for the first time. When learning how to make a website, you will see that chatbots have become an integral part of this

    With advanced chatbots, you can also set responses based on the customer queries in an automated fashion, which would mitigate any hindrance for a new visitor.
  • Promote start here page and start here email series – You can also create start here pages and help new visitors discover your brand’s offering as they are meant to. One can also promote email start guides in exchange for a small offer or discount when a new customer arrives, allowing you to engage further with your customers.

2. Incentivize The First Visit

When it comes to first-time visitors, they are also considered harder to acquire because online retail is a crowded space. It always runs a high-cost per-user acquisition rate.

For example, any first-time visitors entering your website or app via a PPC campaign will cost you money to just get them on your website. And when there are a few thousand visitors via PPC, this amount could grow quite substantially.

Therefore it makes it imperative that you put your best out there for them. By implementing onsite and in-app banners offering, for example, 10% off for your first order if you sign-up, you can get more customers to sign-up.

You can also choose to leverage less-intrusive mediums like web-push soft opt-in to get a first-time visitor to sign up for push messaging and utilize the channel to move the visitor towards being a paying customer.

3. Leverage User-Retargeting Advertising

Retargeting is an effective advertising strategy, best utilized by brands like Zalora, Zivame, and others. It shows you ads about the product or website you have visited sometime before, ranging from an hour to a few days.

With Vizury, you can create retargeted advertising campaigns that directly tie in with your store’s backend and allows you to create personalized advertisements on platforms like Facebook so that you can re-engage with your visitors even after they’ve left your app or website.

4. Be Clear and List Differentiators Clearly

Whether your Shopify stores offer limited edition products or your store offers free shipping, 2-day shipping, and others, makes these unique propositions more prominent for first-time visitors.

These indicators and points of interest can be included in your in-app and onsite experience by utilizing Vizury’s in-app and onsite banners, sliders, and more, which would gently help your first-time visitors adapt better to a new environment.

This falls more in line with our first two points, as it entails having a properly constructed app or website and showcases the advantages people would be able to utilize if they buy from you. In short, you are incentivizing first-time visitors.

5. Utilize Personalized Push Messaging

Push messaging has become one of the most popular ways to engage with our audience, visitors, and customers in recent years. With Vizury’s push messaging capabilities, you can create campaigns that are truly 1:1.

Let’s see how.

  • Incentivized Push Messaging – By leveraging platforms like Vizury, you can create push campaigns that can incentivize a customer to make their purchase. It could be a discount or a unique one-time offer.
  • Cart-Recovery Push Messaging – One can also create cart-recovery push campaigns that are served to any user to abandon their cart for a given time period.
  • User-Activity-based Push Messaging – Using AI and ML, Vizury’s omnichannel platform can help you create personalized messages promoting products and services based on your users’ historical and behavioral data.
  • Transactional Push Messaging – Don’t let your customers hang. If their wishlist items see a price-drop or are soon going to go out of stock, let them know, so they can quickly grab it before it’s too late.

6. Leverage Personalized Email Campaigns

When it comes to improving conversions, emails are your best friend. Especially when you are using omnichannel marketing platforms like Vizury, you can supercharge your email with a dose of personalized content and recommendations and create truly 1:1 experiences.

Here are some ways to get started with emails:

  • Create Personalized Recommendations – Email is a great way to share product recommendations with your customers. With Vizury, you can create a personalized recommendation email to your customers and increase your AOV and purchase frequency.
  • Cart-Recovery Emails – Create cart-recovery emails to bring back users who have abandoned their carts.
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell Emails – Emails are great if you recommend products to a customer based on their historical data. For example, if someone buys a new mouse, there is a chance that you can recommend mouse pads via email, and the customer grabs one.

7. Implement In-App and Onsite Recommendations

With Vizury, any Shopify store can implement onsite and in-app recommendations that are served to the customers based on their historical and behavioral data. This allows brands to create completely dynamic personalized recommendations that are unique for every customer.

One can select various methods to deploy recommendations across their store. It could be one of the lots like:

  • In-App headers, sliders, pop-ups, and more.
  • On-site headers, sliders, hello-bars, and more.

8. Use Post-Purchase Rewards

Another great way to improve your conversion rate is to explore incentives post their first purchase. These rewards could be in the form of redeemable coupons, points, and credits.

By adding value to purchase with usable credits for later purchases, first, you are rewarding a customer. Secondly, it also encourages the customer to come back again. You can easily create interactive reward programs and integrate them into your messaging via in-app and onsite notifications, email, and push messaging.

9. Establish Value with Welcome Rewards

As with post-purchase rewards, the other way to ensure that a customer feels valuable is by making their first-ever purchase by introducing the first-purchase reward. This instant gratification can help the customer feel truly valuable.

Introduce the campaign on your website and let your prospects know about it via email and push messaging. The communication from your behalf depicts proactivity on your behalf and that you care.

Think about this –

When you reward customers for a purchase, you reap the benefit of adding more customers to your community to market to in the future. At the same time, your customers receive additional value for completing a simple action.

Iterate, Repeat, and Succeed!

Improving customer acquisition and conversions doesn’t have to be as hard as we imagine it to be. Applying the 9 tactics to your Shopify store will help you convert and acquire more customers faster.

However that being said, you can’t expect magic to happen overnight. But focus on tracking these efforts day-in and day-out, and tweak these tactics as per the traction they gain. Last but not least, don’t forget that we would like to help you grow your Shopify business. So if you have any questions, send them at, we will get back to you right away.

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