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Why you must Invest in Conversational AI for Google Business Messages?

Google Business Messaging can enable businesses to significantly improve the probability of conversion while connecting with potential leads in real-time and here’s why you should invest in it

Consumers are 70%more likely to visit and 50% more likely to transact with a business having an informative Google My Business (GMB) profile. This statistic highlights the impact of Business Profiles on GMB.

GMB contains rich details, such as business description, address, operational hours, etc., along with action buttons for acting on these details, like navigating, calling, bookmarking, redirecting to the official website, and messaging the business.

This mixed bag of interactive content is known for improving discoverability, lending credibility, and keeping customers up-to-date on all business-related information. After all, Google is the first platform people turn to when looking for answers!

On that note, let us take a look at how conversational AI can transform Google Business Messages to impart a world of benefits.

Why is Google Business Messages Worth Your Attention?

Google defines Business Messages as “a mobile conversational channel that combines entry points on Google Maps, Search, and brand websites to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences that delight customers and drive business results.”

Google Business Messaging
Google Business Messaging

In other words, Google Business Messaging is a hub that centralizes conversations by decoupling them from the channels. And by virtue of this position, it offers the following benefits to organizations:

Connect Instantly

One of the most obvious advantages of Google Business Messages rests in the fact that it makes the business more accessible and approachable. It cuts down all the hassles of diverting traffic to the website or social media profiles and plugs in any drop-offs by establishing a real-time instant messaging channel.

Stand Out in Local Searches

While GMB itself offers immense potential to rank on local searches, Google Business Messaging takes it one step further by eliminating all communication barriers and making the business approachable instantly.

Address Queries Quickly

Assigning an agent or equipping Google Business Messaging with a chatbot empowers businesses to handle customer queries in real-time or with minimal downtime. Such proactive action keeps the leads flowing.

Boost Customer Acquisitions

It is no secret that convenience is the steamroller that flattens all roadblocks that may come in the way of conversions. It unlocks a versatile communication channel that enjoys omnipresence and can effortlessly capture leads without redirecting customers from the SERPs.

Drive Conversion Rates

By connecting with leads while they are white-hot, businesses can significantly improve the probability of conversion rates. The sheer fact that a customer has taken the time to contact a business indicates that they are as good as a qualified prospect ready to be nurtured into a paying customer, so why let it go because of communication gaps?

Greater Customer Satisfaction

A fleshed-out GMB profile attracts trust by itself, but Google Business Messaging consolidates it by offering a rewarding customer experience. Powered by seamless communication, businesses can foster deeper connections with customers and develop rapport to rack up solid points in their total CSAT scores and power customer satisfaction.

Is Google Business Messaging free?

Yes, it is free. It also has a real time chat messaging service that brands can use to connect with shoppers.

How to Use Conversational AI on Google Business Messaging?

Businesses can significantly improve the probability of conversion while connecting with the potential leads in real time.

Unparalleled Customer Experience

AI-driven chatbots are customer service superstars due to their massive range. For starters, they draw information from immutable knowledge management sources, which means that their resolutions are accurate. In addition to this, the fact that conversational AI is expanding its capabilities to understand context and customer intent to ensure relevance. Developments in the fields of NLP make such exchanges natural and human-sounding, which essentially seals the deal in favor of conversational AI. To summarize, accurate, timely, relevant, and humane conversations that revolutionizes customer experience - what more could one want in customer service?

Greater Workforce Efficiency

Google Business chatbots can efficiently automate routine and unproductive tasks, allowing human resources to focus on core business processes. At the same time, the rule-based algorithm can be customized to escalate interactions in exceptional cases.

Dynamic Scalability

Infinite scalability is one of the key USPs of conversational AI. Digital agents can multiply or adapt according to customer personalities without having any bearings on the workforce. And so, even if businesses experience unprecedented dips or peaks, they can continue catering to the customers despite the changing landscape.

Customer Experience Consistency

Different agents have different approaches to handling a situation. Their actions, albeit innocuous and unintended, inject inconsistencies in customer experience. In contrast, a Google chatbot would be unbiased and offer a consistent experience, which will eventually help with branding.

Data-Driven Operations

Conversational AI operates purely on data. On the other hand, it is a powerful tool for collecting customer data. As a result, it can lay the foundation for a symbiotic ecosystem. Plus, it can be easily integrated with businesses that have registered success in digital transformation.

Continuous Improvement

At a time when words like continuous improvement and agility are thrown around so frequently, conversational AI lives up to these principles. AI operates on a self-learning, self-training mechanism. As such, the more it is put to use, the smarter it will get.

How to Add Value to Google Business Messages with Vizury Conversational AI?

Vizury allows businesses to connect faster with their target audience by leveraging Google’s Business Messaging. Here’s how we make it happen:

  1. It does not offer a default chatbot but allows integration through APIs.
  2. The Vizury API integrates GBM with conversational AI.
  3. The resultant AI chatbot can autonomously interact and send business messages with customers who try to connect with the business through Google Business Messages.
  4. Customers can gain an overview of the products or services, make inquiries, receive support, or finalize purchases.
  5. In the case of facilitating purchases, Vizury integrates with the business’ ERP to access critical information such as product details, pricing, and inventory status.
  6. Vizury can also accept payments on behalf of the business and process them against the appropriate accounts.

From the above, it is clear that the process of introducing a Google chatbot with Vizury is effortless - six easy steps are all it takes. Apart from this, here’s an overview of what Vizury brings to the table:

  • A single platform for multiple channels to offer a bird’s-eye view of all business messages extending beyond Google Business Messages.
  • Our dedicated onboarding specialists ensure a quick launch with the shortest time to market.
  • Clients can design and optimize their respective Google Business chatbots without any internal engineering resources.
  • The no-code design process is painless with simple drag and drop blocks.
  • To account for potential data privacy issues, our solutions are encrypted and compliant with PCI-DSS/GDPR standards to offer end-to-end security.
  • We offer a customer-friendly ‘pay as you use’ pricing model to offset CAPEX implications.

Hence, it should be no surprise that leading brands turn to Vizury to handle conversational AI to supercharge Google Business Messages.

What are the Use Cases of Conversational AI in Google Business Messages?

For those questioning the applicability of conversational AI in GMB, the following are some practical use cases of such chatbots:

Tackling FAQs

Customers may have certain queries before they visit the store online or offline. Most of these questions are recurring, and in some cases, the information may already be available but left unseen by the customer. In this case, a chatbot can come in handy to answer frequently asked questions regarding operations and policies.

Handling Customer Support

Conversational AI comes with dynamic content capabilities, which will allow the Google Business chatbot to effortlessly handle support queries while injecting personalization in the mix. As a result, they can share information such as product information, inventory status, order details, etc.

Capture Leads

capture leads Google Business Messages

Google Business chatbots can capture a wealth of customer data ranging from name, location, date of birth to product preferences, sizing, and more! The information captured thus can add value to the customer database or tools like CRM to offer a 360-degree view of the customer.


Conversational AI can allow businesses to extract more out of Google Business Messages. Together, they complement each other and catapult business growth through a bouquet of benefits. However, building a chatbot from scratch and implementing it is a tedious task. The delayed launch can also result in missed opportunities. So, if you are looking for a reliable and reputed solution provider, then Vizury is at your service.

To know more, book a demo with Vizury for a personalized roadmap to success!

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