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Conversational Marketing on WhatsApp

Conversational marketing on WhatsApp has made it possible for brands to engage and personalize the shopper’s experience at every stage of their journey.

Modern customers expect convenient, personalized, and speedy interactions from their favorite brands. And conversational marketing has made it possible for brands to engage and personalize the shopper’s experience at every stage of their journey. It has allowed marketers to foster customer relationships using chatbots, messaging apps, and live chats. This has ultimately contributed to boosting customer satisfaction and retention rates.

In the first part, we talked about everything you need to know to get started with WhatsApp Business API. In this article, we will discuss how you can kickstart your conversational marketing on WhatsApp.

What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing can be defined as a dialogue-driven approach to marketing that involves personalized one-on-one interactions via messaging channels. WhatsApp allows your brand to engage, assist and convert customers conversationally.

Although any form of two-way communication such as emails and calls can be a part of conversational marketing, these channels have become saturated. More than half of consumers (55%) ignore marketing emails outright because they get so many of them. Modern consumers want to interact with brands and receive instant responses. This is where messaging apps like WhatsApp are the best way to reach customers. On average, users open their WhatsApp 23-25 times a day. With WhatsApp, your brand can:

✅Send instant responses to customer queries
✅Personalize your shopper's experience
✅Send recommendations based on user behavior
✅Recover abandoned carts

And more…

Get started with conversational marketing on WhatsApp

Here’s a 3 step process:

Warm up your account

A. Make sure your first notification is a transactional notification (post-purchase, account updates, order updates, feedback, etc.)

Pro tip: Transactional notifications have significantly lower block rates. The highest friction happens when a user first hears from your brand on WhatsApp. Ensure that you are not blocked at the start.

Here’s an example of transactional notifications

B. Send a template with an embedded link or button in your first 5 campaigns
Pro tip: Gives users an alternative path-to-click, instead of Block

C. Send your first few campaigns only to a few hundred users, and monitor your quality score

Pro tip: Expand your audience size after the first 5 campaigns only if your quality score remains high.

Move from Static to Dynamic Retargeting

Method 1

✅Connect Vizury with your website and/or app

✅Collect first-party (phone number) data. Make your anonymous visitors effectively retargetable
Our findings: Grow first-party user data by up to 40%

✅Recover category or PDF drop-offs
Pro tip: Send campaigns with similar product or category recommendations

✅Recover Cart abandonments
Our findings: Increase cart retrieval rate by 8 - 15%

Method 2

Connect Vizury with your CRM data

a. Cross-sell:

Power cross-selling by using dynamic recommendations based on your customer’s purchase or browsing history.

b. Back-in-Stock alerts

Send back-in-stock alerts for wishlisted items and remind customers about their must-haves.

c. Surveys

Run customer surveys post-purchase to know them better.

d. Revival of dormant customers

Send alerts to customers who haven’t shopped with you in a while.

Run controlled promotional blast campaigns

✅Frequency capping:

Don’t forget to turn on frequency capping on your Vizury dashboard

frequency capping

Disable frequency capping for your dynamic drop-off campaigns

vizury dashboard

✅More ideas

Running out of ideas to start your promotional WhatsApp campaigns? Be sure to explore our WhatsApp promotional messages article.

The Conversational Way of Doing Business

This marketing technique is uniquely designed to encourage consumers to take action. WhatsApp has been a relatively untapped channel and has a higher engagement rate in comparison to email and SMS. Its time to leverage the potential of WhatsApp and power frictionless communication that converts.

Ready to revolutionize your customer experience with WhatsApp? Book your demo with Vizury today.

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