WhatsApp Promotional Messages: Guidelines and Use Cases

Recently, WhatsApp has launched its recent feature that allows businesses to send WhatsApp promotional messages to customers who opt in to receive their updates.

WhatsApp Promotional Messages: Guidelines and Use Cases

WhatsApp has always prioritized its users and has been constantly working to make its user’s experience better.

For the past 3 years, businesses could only send approved message templates that were transactional in nature, only after a user opts-in to receive updates.

Recently, WhatsApp has launched its recent feature that allows businesses to send WhatsApp promotional messages to customers who opt in to receive their updates.

With this feature, businesses can send recommendations, new product launch alerts, cart abandonment reminders, and more. WhatsApp’s new marketing features are all set to revolutionize the way brands interact with their customers.

What is WhatsApp Promotional Message?

WhatsApp Promotional Message is a non-transactional message that a business can initiate for marketing their products and comprises updates such as back in stock alerts, offers and discounts, app promotion, cart recovery messages, product recommendations, and more.

Customers have been using WhatsApp to communicate with businesses and get updates on discount offers, seasonal promotions before completing their purchase.

Keeping these in mind, WhatsApp has recently started to approve non-transactional messages that can be used for remarketing.

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How can WhatsApp Promotional Messages Help?

WhatsApp promotional messages can help brands offer a better customer experience throughout their journeys and build loyalty in the long run.

Brands can now initiate new conversations based on the buyer’s interest or purchase history and create deep and meaningful relationships.

One of the most prominent challenges that brands or marketers face is the lack of repeat purchases.

This can occur due to multiple reasons.

A buyer may be dissatisfied due to lack of experiential shopping or they simply didn’t think that they weren’t getting a good enough deal to complete their next purchase.

Sending WhatsApp promotional messages such as discount codes or loyalty points in such cases can help brands increase their repeat purchases thus increasing their customer retention rate.

Non-transactional messages fall under the template message category. Hence, companies wanting to send messages outside the 24-hour window have to pay charges. The prices may vary from country to country

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Requirements and Guidelines for Sending WhatsApp Promotional messages

WhatsApp prioritizes its user experience and ensures that they don’t feel spammed while using the platform.

Due to this, there are certain requirements that brands must follow while sending WhatsApp promotional messages. They are:

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1. Expected Messages

Any user receiving a WhatsApp promotional message from a business must opt-in to receiving updates so that the user doesn’t feel spammed when receiving these alerts.

2. Relevant Messages

The message sent should be personalized and relevant to the user. It should contain all the necessary information and steps if the customer wishes to proceed further.

3. Timely Messages

The messages should be sent in a relevant time frame. For instance, a brand cannot send promotional messages four months after they last interacted with the brand.

WhatsApp has laid out certain guidelines for sending WhatsApp promotional messages to users. They are:

  • Businesses must comply with the opt-in policy that states that all users must give consent to receiving messages and alerts from them.
  • Businesses must comply with the WhatsApp Commerce Policy
  • Businesses should avoid spamming users with regular updates or newsletters since it can lead to blocking or reporting. This can ultimately lower the quality score of the business.
  • Users can opt-in to different categories of messages based on what they wish to receive.
  • Businesses must ensure a quality experience for their customers.

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Countries eligible for WhatsApp promotional messages

Previously, businesses in Indonesia and Mexico could send non-transactional messages on WhatsApp. With its latest update, the countries that are eligible are as follows:

Countries eligible for WhatsApp promotional messages

8 Use Cases of WhatsApp Promotional Messages

There are several ways you can use this feature to enhance your customer’s experience. Some of the use cases include:

1. Personalized Offers

personalized offers on WhatsApp

Send personalized offers based on the customer’s demographics, tastes, or preferences. For instance, sending a discount code on their birthday.

Conversational commerce solutions like Vizury can help you send personalized offers to your high value customers by segmenting them based on their taste, preferences and purchase behavior.

2. Promotional Alerts

promotional alerts on WhatsApp

Send promotional alerts to customers to update them on your new product launch or seasonal sale updates.

3. Reminder Messages

Reminder alerts on WhatsApp

Send your customers reminder alerts on their recent appointments or top-ups that they may have missed.

4. Back in Stock Alerts

Back in stock alerts on WhatsApp

Send back in stock updates to customers who were interested in your products but it was out of stock.

5. Weekly deals

Weekly Deals alerts on WhatsApp

Send weekly deals to incentivize your customers to make a purchase. You can also personalize it based on their preferences.

For instance, sending a weekly deal of buying 2 shirts and getting a 20% discount on their next purchase will not only increase your AOV but will also make your customer buy often with your weekly special deals.

6. Abandoned Cart Alerts

Abandoned cart alerts on WhatsApp

Send cart reminders on the items the customer left in the cart in order to incentivize them to complete their purchase.

7. Product Recommendations Messages

Product recommendations on WhatsApp

Send relevant product recommendations on your customer’s previous purchases.

Businesses can analyze a user’s purchase history and send recommendations based on their preferences using conversational AI solutions. The AI automatically creates a user profile and gives an overview of the users past purchases, wish lists, taste, preferences and more.

For instance, if a customer purchases a shirt, you can send real-time product recommendations complementing their shirt such as pants or a pair of jeans. You can also send them after they’ve completed their purchase.

8. Festive Sale Offers

Festive sale offers on WhatsApp

Send personalized offers to your high-value customers during festive seasons. With this, customers will keep coming back and ultimately help build loyalty and increase customer retention.

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The New Age of Conversational Commerce with WhatsApp

Building meaningful relationships and having engaging conversations with customers play a major role in devising a good marketing strategy.

Using WhatsApp as your ally can help build relationships that last longer and also help ensure that customers keep coming back.

Your customers already prefer chatting with their favorite brands on WhatsApp.

The question is are you leveraging WhatsApp promotional messages to boost your brand engagement and drive sales?

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