Vizury in 2022: A Year in Review

‘Tis the season to be jolly indeed! 2022 was quite an eventful year for Vizury! Join us as we look back on a year well spent…

‘Tis the season to be jolly indeed!
2022 was quite an eventful year for Vizury!

From onboarding new clients to retaining existing ones, Vizury had quite the year. But despite all the challenges, Vizury held its end of the bargain in helping brands boost “customer lifetime value” with its state of the art product and its features.

Join us as we look back on a year well spent…

Awards & Recognition

Put your hands together for the award Vizury won this year.

Sparkies Awards

Vizury bagged the Best Use for Customer Engagement under the Chatbot Category at the Sparkies Awards. Special thanks to our partner, Fossil Group, Inc. for making it happen with us.

Sparkies awards

Thank you to the Jury for the recognition. We would also like to thank our customers for consistently believing in us, and our team for making Vizury a success.

Product Launches

Vizury has always vouched for improvements. So, we made our product better for our customers. Introducing….

Customer 360

The new customer360 aims to provide a granular view of every unique user. This includes the user actions and their behavior through their digital footprint on your digital assets. With customer 360 you will be able to  locate any unique user by their unique ID/exact phone number/exact email ID (a cookie ID for web users or device ID for app users and the entries); toggle between web and app to locate the respective users.

WhatsApp Custom Integrations

Vizury now integrates with most of the retargeting platforms in order to intelligently retarget segmented drop off’s.

WhatsApp Custom Analytics

Custom dashboards have been provided to drill deeper into various metrics for all our custom chat flows and catalogs. This provides powerful insights to marketers to help in conversion optimization.

In person events

Our Vizards were on a quest to educate brands on WhatsApp commerce and have been casting spells across the globe with these in person events.

Customer Experience Live

The Customer experience live show is the largest show in Dubai that is dedicated to customer care and customer experience. An excellent in person event to meet brands and deliver Vizury’s message.

MarTech Asia 2022 Summit

The MarTech Asia Summit was an event keenly focused on the key MarTech trends that are shaping the future. It had 50+ speakers and 500+ attendees. Our chief, Sujoy Golan, pointed out some interesting insights on WhatsApp Commerce.

Some of them were:

✅A channel like WhatsApp doesn't just drive e-commerce growth but in-store sales as well.
✅As a marketer, there is a temptation to reach out to the consumer
as much as possible but we need to make sure we don't spam them.
✅Be tactfully effective while sending promotional messages.



This year we wanted to highlight the importance of delivering an exceptional customer experience to improve customer retention.

Retail Leadership Series

We launched the retail leadership series, a 4 week series, to dig deep on building deep marketing dominance.

Episode 1 - We spoke with Mohanraj Jagannivasan, CEO of Duroflex on what's happening in the mattress industry.

Episode 2-  We spoke to Amuleek Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of Chai Point on what's brewing in the beverage industry.

Episode 3 - We Spoke with Gurukeerthi Gurunathan, CTO and Co-Founder of CaratLane on what's happening in the jewelry industry.

Episode 4 - We spoke with Gunjan Shah, CEO of Bata on what's happening in the footwear industry.

Getting started with WhatsApp for Marketing, Sales & Customer Service

In this webinar we learned why brands are adopting WhatsApp to boost their revenues. We spoke to Rachit Jain, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Meta and Alessio Zanotto, Senior Product Marketing manager on getting started with WhatsApp

AWS Asean Summit

Our chief also spoke at the AWS Asean Summit on “Reimagine Customer Engagement Strategy: How to leverage omnichannel to grow customer lifetime value?” with Kim Akejariyawong, Senior Account manager Software Business, AWS and Niraj Nagpal, Senior Industry Specialist, AWS.

Singapore Business Federation

Our Chief was also the keynote speaker at Singapore Business Federation in collaboration with 2C2P and AWS on “Retail Tech: Unlock a seamless customer centric experience.


Our team of Vizards successfully onboarded some of the largest brands such as Puma, SWVL, Muthoot, Believe Group, across the globe from industries such as food and beverage, ecommerce etc.,.


Vizards of Growth podcast, launched in 2021, is still our listener’s favorite. This year we spoke to Rohan Mirchandani, CEO and Co-founder of Epigamia on how it became a snack of choice for "health conscious millennials".

LinkedIn Newsletter

The Vizards of Growth newsletter, launched in 2022 was an absolute hit. It is a weekly newsletter designed to discuss marketing in depth. We talked about the history of catalogs, retail and more. Here are some glimpses from our latest editions.

Despite all the challenges, Vizury helped brands deliver exceptional customer experiences that ultimately helped them level up their customer retention game. We are extremely grateful to our customers for trusting us and supporting us along the way. We love doing what we do and we love seeing brands boost revenue and scale their business with Vizury. Looking forward to a spectacular new year ahead. Ciao 2022!

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