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WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for your Business

Learn the best WhatsApp marketing strategies to help you reach and engage your target audience effectively and drive sales.

With technological advancements and new digital platforms on the rise, digital marketing for businesses has never been this easy. Every company in existence is looking for new and innovative platforms to leverage online marketing. While many old and new marketing platforms are currently available, the most undervalued is WhatsApp.

However, businesses have now started to understand the importance and benefits of WhatsApp marketing. According to a survey by Livemint, more than 50 million people currently use WhatsApp for Business.

This article will explain why and how WhatsApp is the best marketing platform. Let’s get started!

Why Do Businesses Prefer WhatsApp Over Other Platforms?

With more than 2 billion monthly users, WhatsApp is a quick, easy, and efficient platform that makes it the perfect choice for friends and families to communicate. However, for businesses, WhatsApp offers significant features that make it an ideal marketing platform choice.

Encrypted Chats

WhatsApp allows businesses to have encrypted chats at any time with their customers to ensure complete business privacy.

Huge User Base

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform for social media, with users in over 180 countries who send over 100 billion messages daily. Therefore, it becomes an excellent platform for businesses to connect with the maximum number of clients.

Familiar Interface

Due to the immense popularity of WhatsApp, marketing through it offers great familiarity and builds a personal rapport with customers that significantly helps in gaining their trust.

Why Should You Leverage WhatsApp to Market Your Offerings?

Let's take a glance at some pragmatic reasons why WhatsApp should be your preferred marketing platform:

#1. Boosts Engagement

Easy and direct connection over WhatsApp allows businesses to deliberately captivate and engage customers, which is essential for any trade. Companies can use crisp and creative messages to attract clients. Moreover, customer queries can be quickly catered to over WhatsApp, which helps win their confidence.

#2. Better Conversion Rate

Finding an appropriate medium to connect with customers is more than important.

People find it quite irritating to get constant marketing phone calls, don’t they? This is precisely where WhatsApp excels as a marketing platform; it seamlessly connects businesses with customers without being irritative.

According to a study, customers acknowledge and reciprocate 40% of WhatsApp communications. Messaging a prospect after the first contact can skyrocket the conversion rate considerably.

#3. Affordable Marketing

What makes WhatsApp an ideal platform for businesses? Its affordability! To get started with WhatsApp marketing, you must download the application and run your campaigns.

The interesting part - an average WhatsApp user checks his WhatsApp messages at least 23 times a day. Therefore, you have a significantly high probability of reaching out to your customers on WhatsApp.

#4. Better Sales

WhatsApp as a conversation application is arguably the best platform for potential buyers to connect with a business. This easy-to-connect power builds confidence and trust in the potential buyer.

Using WhatsApp as a primary connection and sales platform for your business can be a great step as there has been significant growth in people purchasing online through messaging apps.

According to a study by Meta, around 60% of customers affirmed that they’d prefer messaging platforms to buy things online.

Adding a WhatsApp contact number to your website could boost your sales leads exponentially. People are more likely to buy from a business that is active on social media than one which isn't active online.

Top WhatsApp Strategies to Boost Your Business Revenues

We hope you've comprehended the benefits of WhatsApp and understood its significance in marketing. Now let's go through the step-by-step guide for using WhatsApp for marketing.

Set Objectives and Key Results

Before executing a WhatsApp marketing plan, the most crucial point to consider is prioritizing your tasks. Segregate your marketing tasks into three segments:

✅What’s the most important task?

✅What can be delayed for a while?

✅What can be neglected?

This way, you’ll be able to outline your objectives for the marketing campaign effectively. An excellent start is by self-analyzing your landing pages, marketing funnels, etc.

Set your key results to identify if you are moving towards your objective or if your marketing strategy needs some changes.

Define Your Target Audience

How will you market your product if you don’t know your target audience? After all, knowing the audience that would fall exactly into your ideal custom bracket is the bedrock of all your marketing efforts.

Here are some tested ways through which you can define your target audience:

✅Create a buyer persona by conducting surveys and using available data

✅Trial and error

✅Establish your business goal

Creatively Captivate Your Audience

Using WhatsApp as a marketing platform isn’t enough for a successful campaign. You have to use it creatively to captivate the maximum audience!

Even though WhatsApp offers better message opening rates than other marketing platforms, your campaign will head towards failure without a proper copywriting strategy.

With quality copywriting, versatile themes, and call-to-action messages, captivating the audience will happen within no time.

Another great way to engage effectively with your audience is by educating them about your product and its related factors. They will now certainly be more interested in your business ideas.

A potential buyer will only check your WhatsApp message for a few seconds; therefore, there is no point in sending them lengthy messages that will be ignored. Instead, focus on sending short yet attractive or eye-catching messages.

Here are some additions that you can make for an impactful marketing message:

✅Visuals: Images and Videos


✅Cheerful Illustrations

Engage Your Audience with Automated Replies

A major reason behind customers refusing a product is poor customer service. According to a survey, 61% of the people agreed that they reject a brand’s product due to poor customer service. Well, that’s where WhatsApp can be handy. You can set up automated responses for frequently asked queries.

WhatsApp allows businesses to respond to any customer demand or query in real-time. Moreover, it can also be used to collect regular hassle-free feedback and ratings for products sold.


WhatsApp was initially recognized or used as a communication platform for friends and family. However, recently, businesses have started to understand its importance and leverage it as a marketing platform. And why not? The two billion+ user base application has everything to offer for a successful marketing campaign.

And if you are in a business wondering whether WhatsApp marketing will benefit you? Book your demo with Vizury today!

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