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Retail Leadership Series - S1E04

Gear up for episode 4 of the Retail Leadership Series presented by Vizury. Hear from Gunjan Shah, CEO of Bata on what's happening in the footwear...

Customer Experience

What is Conversion Rate: All you Need to know

An effective conversion rate strategy begins with understanding what the customers are looking for. Learn how to increase your conversion rates

WhatsApp Marketing

The Ultimate Round-up for WhatsApp Commerce

The new and improved way to engage and convert potential and existing customers - WhatsApp commerce. Explore everything you need to know

WhatsApp Marketing

Best Practices for WhatsApp Templates

Maximize your impact with WhatsApp messaging. Learn best practices for creating effective WhatsApp templates and delivering impactful campaigns to...

Conversational Commerce

9 Benefits of Conversational AI

What's stopping you from formulating a conversational AI strategy for your business? Find out how it can help your brand scale

Customer Experience

A Complete Guide on Hyper-Personalization

Hyper-personalization enables brands to meet these expectations, drive conversions, and bring higher returns. Explore more in this article

Customer Experience

A Guide to eCommerce Personalization

Enhancing e-commerce personalization strategies must be your top priority to gain an upper hand over the ever-growing competitive landscape.


A Complete Guide to WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp Pay offers a hassle-free money transfer experience that is as easy as clicking a button. Read on to learn how to use it to your advantage

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